Serving superfast 5G to Gourmet Food Parlour

For better connectivity and happier customers

Case Study

For every restaurant and customer, a fast 5G broadband connection is a necessity for Gourmet Food Parlour.


With four restaurants in Dublin and one in Galway, Gourmet Food Parlour faced a challenge when keeping staff and customers connected.

“Having a decent connection is imperative to our business,” explains Jack Gilham who leads the digital side of the business.

The thirst for connectivity is apparent from the moment a customer gets in touch to make a booking. As Jack says, “beforehand, our reservations team might have a query about a booking and at a busy time for the restaurants would potentially not hear back instantly, risking the loss of the booking."

This is something that no restaurant can afford. 

What’s more, when customers were dining in the restaurant there were times when connecting to the Wi-Fi was a problem. “When it got to our busier periods, not everyone was able to connect with the demand,” says Jack.

With bookings and customer satisfaction at risk, it was a necessity that Jack and the team found a broadband solution that worked for them.


With the help of their Three Business Account Manager, Gourmet Food Parlour upgraded to 3Business Broadband Advanced.

This superfast 5G solution is ideal for any business wanting to stay connected in multiple ways and, in this case, across multiple sites.

“This was the ideal solution for Gourmet Food Parlour,” explains Enda Griffin, Three Business Account Manager. “Things move quickly in business and Business Broadband Advanced is designed to be installed as quickly as possible to get a business up and running without interruption.”

The installation is easy and straightforward with a technician installing it on site for no extra charge.

This solution also allows businesses to scale up and down as they need. “We hope to open another site soon and we’ll be looking to add that to our plan as soon as we need it,” says Jack.

This flexibility gives businesses the chance to tailor the product to their unique needs with the help of their business account manager. 


Three’s 5G business broadband has allowed Gourmet Food Parlour to stay connected across sites. “We use Instant Messaging quite a lot with the restaurants, so we have instant access between restaurants and our reservations team,” says Jack.

This allows the teams to manage bookings quickly, ensuring customers aren’t left waiting to find out if, and where, they can book. That means less dwell time and more bookings. 

Those dining in now find it easier to connect to the Wi-Fi uninterrupted too. Whether they are taking pictures of their food or browsing the web, diners can connect to the Wi-Fi without delay during the busiest periods like weekday lunch or weekend brunch.

Three’s 5G broadband will also play a role for Gourmet Food Parlour in the future. The restaurant experience has changed because of Covid. Some people have become familiar with using QR codes for menus. Others prefer the traditional paper menus. “While we won’t be phasing out one or the other, 5G helps us serve our customers,” says Jack. 

“It’s giving people the option and being at the forefront and not being left behind.” That’s the ambition for Gourmet Food Parlour, an ambition supported by Three’s superfast 5G business broadband.