Boosting productivity for FMC Haulage

With Three-powered connectivity

Case Study


Frank McCarthy Haulage has transported goods all over Ireland and the UK for more than four decades – arranging collection and delivery to and from farms, mills, docks and ships.

The family-owned company has ten employees, operating a fleet of nine 46-tonne trucks and more than 30 trailers from its base in Ovens, Co. Cork. The company previously relied on paper documents for proof of delivery signatures, logging the daily vehicle checks required by the Road Safety Authority and keeping driver timesheets.

“Using paper was slow and there was the risk of it going missing. It got too busy and there was going to be too much paperwork for the size of the company,” says Gary McCarthy, Director at FMC Haulage. The inefficiency was holding the company back, and from his experience with other haulage companies, Gary knew technology could help.


Gary contacted his account manager at Three, Ciaran Poynton, to upgrade the company’s phones to Android smartphones. This enables drivers to receive work notes for new jobs on their devices. They can see the customer’s contact number, location and details of the load. Everyone at FMC completes daily admin through apps now. “It’s way more time efficient and accurate if you eliminate paperwork and get information on your phone or computer,” says Gary.

In summer 2018, Samsung released a rugged tablet that is dustproof, waterproof and protected with a heavy-duty case. It was the ideal device for drivers and Gary knew this could make FMC even more efficient. Ciaran requested ten devices as part of an upgrade package, and in less than two weeks, all FMC drivers were benefiting from functionality like electronic proof of delivery that customers can sign on screen.

Reliable connectivity is essential with a workforce that’s constantly on the move. Three’s network keeps FMC’s drivers online no matter where they happen to be. “Mobile connectivity allows us to store all information in the cloud, meaning you can find information in seconds. That way, our people can focus on the things that matter like building customer relationships. All of our workflow is streamlined and we can manage devices quickly and easily,” says Gary.


By improving driver behaviour and safety, Europcar’s telematics system has Connecting drivers in real-time to the office and the cloud has improved FMC’s response times and customer service. The company can now accommodate special requests by operating more flexible delivery schedules. For example, if the company acquires a client with depots around Ireland and England, Gary can enter all their locations and despatch jobs to the relevant driver’s tablet. Drivers get clear instructions faster which saves the company valuable time. “You get more done, you improve asset utilisation and drivers are more productive. The benefit of the connectivity is that as a company you’re more engaged, more information-driven, more productive and collaborative. It makes you more agile for change,” says Gary

Crucially, FMC is always in control of its information. If an employee were to lose a tablet or smartphone, the company can remotely wipe the device, providing an extra layer of security and data protection.

Since putting the system in place, the company has hired four new employees. “It’s given us the platform to grow. We can handle more work now,” Gary adds. He also praises how proactive his Three account manager has been. “I would recommend Three as a partner. Introducing technology with Three allowed us to make smarter decisions, unlock efficiency and enhance the customer experience. It gives our company a more collaborative, productive and secure future.”