Donegal ETB's cybersecurity upgrade

How 3Mobile Protect is their always-on safety net

As the largest further education and training services provider in the county, Donegal ETB needed to protect itself against the threat of cyberattacks.

The Problem

Following the cyberattack on the HSE, the Donegal ETB noticed an increase in SMS phishing scams and links to malicious websites being sent to employees’ phones.

The messages were becoming ever more sophisticated with some even written in Irish to target Gaeltacht-area schools.

With a high number of employees using mobile devices as well as laptops while teaching, there was a gap in their cyber-security strategy that needed to be filled.

The Solution

3Mobile Protect is a mobile threat defence solution that can be used on mobile phones and tablets. Quick and easy to install, it does not require professional services or extra resources from an IT team.

Powered by Corrata, 3Mobile Protect can instantly detect phishing scams via SMS, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. In fact, 3Mobile Protect can block sites before other security providers can classify it as a phishing threat.

Handily, 3Mobile Protect also provides administrative users with reports on network status, number of threats blocked, as well as highlighting the security score of each employee’s device.

The Results

3Mobile Protect was deployed to 200 employee devices within a few hours. Within 24 hours the software detected and blocked 1,600 attempts to breach security. Beyond that, 3Mobile Protect successfully blocked more than 5,000 separate network traffic requests, preventing data leakage for Donegal ETB while isolating the device and alerting the employee and IT admin of the issue.

Each of their mobile devices make 4,000 internet requests per day on average and 3Mobile Protect acts as a firewall, protecting them whether on a mobile network or Wi-Fi.