Housing Association Secure with 3Mobile Protect

Circle Voluntary Housing Association


After identifying mobile phones as a security risk, Circle Voluntary Housing Association needed a robust and cost-effective mobile security solution.


Mobile phones are integral to the smooth running of business at Circle Voluntary Housing Association.

“Most of our staff are on the road,” explains Muriel Koyce, IT and Information Governance Manager at Circle. This, coupled with a switch to fully remote working, means the mobile phone is vital for everyone at the organisation. “The mobile phone is key for keeping connected,” says Muriel.

With nearly 70 mobile phones working across the business, the team at Circle identified mobile phones as a key risk area for the business.

“While we had really good systems in place in the office, we didn’t have the right oversight on mobile phones,” says Muriel. With this knowledge in hand, Muriel approached Circle’s dedicated Business Account Manager Lisa Conaghan from Three to discuss possible solutions.


“While reviewing our cyber security protocols, Lisa mentioned 3Mobile Protect,” says Muriel.

3Mobile Protect is an all-in-one solution for mobile business security. Protecting devices from threats like phishing, smishing, roaming monitoring and more, it also allows businesses to filter out non-work apps and content.

“3Mobile Protect is a robust and cost-effective solution for any business looking for mobile protection,” says Lisa.

“It’s easy to use, easy to configure and it’s even easy to install,” says Muriel. The app itself can be pushed out to users’ phones or it can be installed by users themselves using an SMS activation code.

What’s more, any data collected is completely anonymous. This works well for Circle because some employees use their work phone as their personal phone. 3Mobile Protect offers protection without intruding on their privacy.


3Mobile Protect immediately flagged several phones without the latest software installed. “The latest software offers that extra protection,” says Muriel, who was happy to get every phone up to date.

“We have noticed a reduction in the amount of smishing and phishing attacks too,” says Muriel. “And it has saved our workload in terms of analysing threats.”

Now, rather than sifting through information manually, Circle have everything they need in an easy-to-use dashboard. “It shows how many attacks have been stopped,” Muriel explains. “It’s easy to use and turn apps on or off.”

Praise for 3Mobile Protect has even come from further afield. “We recently went through a cyber security audit, and they complimented us on having such a simple and effective system,” says Muriel.

Now an area that was identified as a potential risk has the protection it needs. “It gives you real peace of mind,” says Muriel.

What’s more, it can offer real value to any business. “It’s given us much more than what we originally imagined it would,” says Muriel. If you’re looking for secure mobile protection, 3Mobile Protect could be the right solution for you.