Central Pest Control

An increase in threats from mobile phones led Central Pest Control to 3Mobile Protect.



“As a small business you are genuinely concerned about the next email or text you get,” explains Brendan Higgins, Owner and Managing Director of Central Pest Control.

As a small family run business that was set up in the early 2000s, Three has been a key partner since the beginning. “It’s only Three and our bank that hasn’t changed,” says Brendan.

The relationship and the services that Three provide have grown over time. What started out as one mobile grew to a few mobiles, before landlines and broadband were eventually added.

One of the benefits of a strong relationship is being able to pick up the phone to check in with the latest offers from Three.

On one such call to Renat Aipov, Brendan’s dedicated Business Account Manager at Three, Renat mentioned 3Mobile Protect as something that could help protect the business from cyber threats.


3Mobile Protect is an all-in-one solution for mobile business security, protecting mobile devices from threats like phishing, smishing, malware, roaming monitoring and more. It also allows businesses to filter out non-work apps and content.

“3Mobile Protect is something we’re rolling out to more and more businesses in light of cyber security threats,” explains Renat. “It really is a fantastic frontline layer of protection.”

3Mobile Protect combats those threats with an easy to use, easy to install piece of software. “It was a breeze to set up, very quick,” says Brendan.

It also provides peace of mind against the unthinkable. “If a virus got in and destroyed your business, what price do you put on that?” asks Brendan.


3Mobile Protect now offers Brendan and the team a quick and easy way to monitor potential threats to the business. “I open the app on a daily basis. It will alert you if there are any threats and where they come from,” explains Brendan.

“It gives the mobiles a score every day. We try to keep them at 100%. If a threat appears, it’s dealt with.”

3Mobile Protect even highlighted an unexpected area of vulnerability. “It showed up unauthorised virus attacks to the electronic gates at the office,” says Brendan.

“You’re getting regular feedback as to where the threats are coming from,” says Brendan.

Importantly for a small business, it’s also relatively inexpensive. “It’s a small price to pay. I’d highly recommend it,” says Brendan. The billing is also very straightforward. “Everything is on one invoice,” explains Brendan.

Whatever the future holds for Brendan and the team, Three will continue to offer the care and support they need, always just a phone call away.