Caffrey International meets Three

For lesser costs and better connectivity

Case Study

Caffrey International is an Irish owned European freight transport and logistics specialist, headquartered in Ashbourne, Co Meath with a base in Poland.

In 2011 the firm won the prestigious Logistics Company of the Year Award from the Irish Exporters’ Association. Caffrey, which employs over 100 people, operates a fleet of more than 65 trucks and 125 trailers. It provides transport, warehousing and distribution services covering Ireland, the UK and continental Europe for both ambient and perishable cargo.

A reliable and cost effective mobile and fixed line phone service and network is essential in order to communicate with customers and between its team of drivers who can be located anywhere in Europe.

“Rising fuel and other charges means we constantly need to look at our cost base so as to maximise our service to customers of all sizes,” comments Mark Caffrey, General Manager, Caffrey International.

“In addition, we needed a provider that can provide a reliable mobile and fixed voice network, not only in Ireland but across the continent of Europe.”


Caffrey had been a long standing customer of Three on the mobile side. “We have been highly impressed with the level of service including a proactive and dedicated account manager,” commented Mark Caffrey. “We thought ‘wouldn’t it be great?’ if we could get our fixed voice service from the same place.”

Caffrey reviewed Three’s fixed voice offering and prices and took the decision to combine its mobile and fixed voice service, including fax.


“As a result of the change from our previous supplier, we have cut the cost of our fixed voice service by up to 25%,” comments Mark Caffrey.

“We now have one dedicated account manager for both mobile and fixed voice if we have any queries or issues as well as a highly responsive Three customer support service. Our account manager constantly reviews our activity to ensure that we are on the most cost effective price plan.” “Our goal is to partner with our business customers over the long term. If that means us recommending offerings that provide us with lower revenues in the short term then so be it,” comments Padraig Sheerin, Head of SME at Three. “In addition, we put together a Service Level Agreement and our goal is that we exceed the terms in that.”

When travelling across Europe, Caffrey staff can access the latest EU Commission roaming tariffs.

Caffrey has access to Three’s online bill which provides detailed call analysis reports to help control costs. This provides information by user including call costs, duration, destination and time of day plus details of the top spenders, the most dialled numbers and international roaming spend.

“It makes so much sense from a cost, administration and service point of view for us to have a single provider for mobile and fixed voice as well as one dedicated account manager,” concludes Mark Caffrey.

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