25 January 2024

5G Standalone: The evolution of the 5G network
BY Three Business Blog Team

Three, Ireland’s largest mobile network, is the first Irish operator to launch 5G Standalone on its Public Network.

What is 5G Standalone?

5G Standalone is 5G that operates on a dedicated 5G core network, an evolution from current 5G which operates on a 4G network. This new technology holds the potential to accelerate innovation for businesses and customers alike.


Image of unmanned mobile vehicles in warehouse
The future of 5G

For enterprises, 5G Standalone will enable the remote operation of unmanned mobile vehicles and equipment, enhance the capabilities of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), improve real-time manufacturing process controls, and more.

With enhanced speeds, minimal latency, while providing higher device density and capacity, 5G Standalone can even ensure unparalleled performance and seamless connectivity for mission critical professions like Paramedics, Fire Brigade, An Garda Síochána and Disaster Recovery Teams.


Image of Three people working around a laptop in a warehouse
Network slicing

Network Slicing will also enable Three to build virtual end-to-end networks tailored to specific business requirements that will utilise the benefits of 5G Standalone.

This technology could be used to amplify a live broadcast or videocall, help better control machines, vehicles, and robots remotely in a manufacturing environment, or enhance the capabilities of any IoT connected devices.

David Hennessy, Chief Technical Officer Three Ireland & Three UK says: This is just the beginning for true 5G where we will see the extensive possibilities for powering advanced technologies and supporting greater connectivity for all kinds of devices and enhance user experiences.”


Image of person using a phone
5G Standalone trial

Three Ireland has already partnered with Technological University Shannon (TUS) to trial 5G Standalone technology and begin showcasing its capabilities in real-life scenarios.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Enda Fallon, Head of Department of Computer and Software Engineering from TUS says: “There is no doubt that our lives are increasingly enhanced by technology, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the next advancement of 5G – a technology that has the potential to augment and elevate how businesses perform into the future.”

Powered by Ericsson and tested using the Samsung flagship device - the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Three Ireland’s 5G Standalone network is currently operating on a trial basis, starting with one year but offering the ability to extend that period. 


Image of Phone with 5G Standalone logo
A real milestone

This new 5G Standalone technology is helping to support the creation of the network of the future.

John Griffin, Head of Ericsson Ireland says: “The introduction of 5G Standalone capabilities on a public network for the first time in Ireland marks a new milestone in our partnership with Three Ireland. 5G standalone is the ultimate next step in meeting the growing connectivity demands from consumers and businesses who require premium performance.”