Three serves up a full menu of communications services for OvenFeast.

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Mobile communication means so much more than calling from any location. For a company like OvenFeast Technologies, it’s woven into the fabric of their business. The company develops patented ovens for the commercial and residential markets. These ovens don’t need a chef to operate them. Prepared food such as pizzas, paninis, quiches, and food platters come with a unique 2D barcode; the operator scans the code and the oven does the rest.

Each oven has an embedded SIM card that communicates back to a central server. OvenFeast customers can log in to the server and check what items their oven cooked, and cross-reference that against their retail point of sale system.

With customers located throughout Ireland, having a reliable connectivity provider was essential to how OvenFeast delivers such an important value added service. Five years ago, it chose Three. “They provided an attractive price and better service than any other provider,” says Jim McIntyre, general manager with OvenFeast.

OvenFeast also provides its seven staff with iPhones on a plan from Three with unlimited calls and texts, and data for accessing email and business apps on the move.

As a small business, OvenFeast sees the advantages of predictable monthly bills. “It takes away the need to monitor costs all the time. You agree a package for a certain amount and if you get your limits right, you won’t exceed them. You don’t have to worry any more about making too many calls. There’s so much involved in running a business and this takes one worry away,” says Jim.

OvenFeast also uses 3Mobile Broadband as a critical backup connection to its server, so that customers are never without information about their ovens even if the primary fixed internet link is unavailable.

The Cloughvalley, Co. Monaghan company recently renewed its contract with Three. Jim says he has noticed data speeds in the area improving all the time. One constant over the years has been the high level of customer service Three provides.

“We’re a relatively small business – we’re the ‘S’ in ‘SME’ – but Three gives us the same attention as if we were a major multinational. If I have a query, I usually get a response the same day. We’re confident that Three will meet our needs into the future. They’re in the top tier of providers.”

We’re a relatively small business – we’re the ‘S’ in ‘SME’ – but Three gives us the same attention as if we were a major multinational.
Jim McIntyre, General Manager, OvenFeast.