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Three helped 18th century Maryborough Hotel deliver 21st century internet performance.

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The Maryborough Hotel and Spa, AA Hotel of the Year, located in Douglas, provides luxury accommodation just minutes from Cork city centre. The renovated 18th century house incorporates a modern spa and leisure centre. Its unique character makes it ideal for conferences and weddings as well as lazy weekends. Its proximity to Cork and the airport is increasingly attracting the corporate market as well.

An existing Three mobile and fixed line customer, its internet and broadband connection was supplied by multiple vendors. Internet connectivity was slow and shared between internal staff and guests. Good internet is vital today for businesses of all sizes and poor connectivity was hindering the work of the hotel’s back office staff as well as guest experience.

Maryborough needed an enterprise class internet backbone and infrastructure to manage its business and to be able to add on other services such as Wi-Fi. “Whether as a business guest wanting to connect to the cloud or keep on top of email, or a family with kids, a good Wi-Fi experience is an essential component of a happy hotel stay,” commented Maryborough Hotel Manager, Justin McCarthy. "It is vital to provide the best possible speed and experience at no cost to our guests."

His view is supported by a global survey by* which found that guests rated internet/free Wi-Fi as the most important room amenity. Wi-Fi was rated even more important than the bathroom/shower or room size.

Whether as a business guest wanting to connect to the cloud or keep on top of email, or a family with kids, a good Wi-Fi experience is an essential component of a happy hotel stay
Justin McCarthy, Hotel Manager, Maryborough Hotel


Three learned of the hotel’s internet infrastructure challenges during a regular review. A Three team surveyed the hotel, listened to the management’s communications needs now and into the future. Because of the hotel’s location, access to fibre was limited and in any case would have been a costly option.

The Three team recommended the installation of a symmetric licensed wireless radio service. This connects wirelessly to the powerful Three carrier class network, which provides industry grade communications.


The Three WLL (Wireless Leased Line) is an uncontended product. This means that if the hotel buys 100Mb, they get a 100Mb symmetrical connection (i.e. the same up and down). There is no outside sharing to hinder performance, no cap on speed and no download or upload limits.

Installation began in February and was completed in April, well in time for the vital summer season.

Maryborough has moved from an 8Mb DSL, asymmetric, contended line to a 100Mb, uncontended, symmetrical link. “The increase in the performance of our internet connection has been really impressive, literally ten times better,” comments Kristin Landua, Digital & Marketing Executive of the Maryborough Hotel.

“The modern family is arriving with five or six devices from smartphones to tablets and laptops. They are heavy internet users and have expectations of streaming and fast downloading. Our new system is designed to deliver the best guest experience possible.”

She adds, “The Three ICT Business Team were really proactive. The head of the team was excellent about getting back to us quickly on any queries or issues and displayed great patience.”

As a digital marketing expert, Kristin is also excited about the potential of the new internet technology from an analytics and sales perspective. “This can be a valuable marketing portal for us. For example, we will have the capacity to offer Wi-Fi guests special offers if we have spare capacity across our range of hotel amenities and services.”

From an administration and support perspective, Maryborough has the convenience of one account manager, Technical Service Desk and one bill for all services Three is providing.

“Maryborough Hotel is further evidence of Three’s ability to provide business customers with cost effective, total communications solutions which reach far beyond traditional mobile and fixed line offerings,” comments Eoin McManus, Business Director, Three. “Reliable wireless connectivity is just one of the many solutions we bring to the business market.”

“We can now offer family and business guests an internet service across all our rooms, fitting to a modern luxury class hotel,” concludes Kristin Landua.