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No more snacking on data as 3Analyst slims down Largo Foods’ communication costs.

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It can be easy to lose track of costs when dealing with large amounts of mobiles and high volumes of data. Largo Foods has 135 corporate mobile plans for staff in its production facility in Meath, and 65 data-only SIMs for tablets that field merchandisers use for taking orders and logging compliance information.

Largo produces some of Ireland’s bestknown snacks from its factory in Ashbourne, including Tayto, Hunky Dorys, King and Perri. Yet when it came to the crunch of managing costs, the company was unable to analyse mobile phone usage or oversee spending on voice and data across its user base. Largo’s managers were limited to tracking monthly bills on spreadsheets, and updating and reviewing them manually was a timeconsuming task. The amount of information meant it often took time before high costs came to light. And, if the company needed to query a bill in more detail, it had to contact its mobile provider.

We are looking at a saving of around 5% per month on our mobile costs.
Michael McGinn, IT Manager, Largo Foods.


Three offered Largo Foods 3Analyst; an exclusive online reporting and analytics tool for Three’s large business customers. 3Analyst has given them better visibility of their costs, which they no longer need to track manually in spreadsheets. It lets authorised users at Largo see all the devices associated with the company account, and review itemised charges for each. This lets them quickly identify any abnormal spending on their plans. The Observations panel in 3Analyst highlights excessive usage and lets managers see spending overruns in moments. They can also see if the cost was due to inadvertent use of premium services. Managers can also get an automatic monthly report for their team.


“Because we have a large phone bill, if we didn’t have the tool it could be months before we picked up on extra costs, and we would have been charged for them in the meantime,” says Michael McGinn, IT Manager with Largo Foods. He praises his account managers and the service team at Three who set up 3Analyst for the company. “The team at Three were knowledgeable and were able to direct us to the right answers. The experience was great, and we have a robust system that works well on a month-to-month basis,” he adds.

Since implementing 3Analyst, Largo has been able to manage – and ultimately save on – mobile and data costs. “It allows us to keep on top of our mobile costs and ensure they’re not getting out of control,” says Michael McGinn. “Department managers can see the user that caused the overage, and why they caused it. That allows us to home in on someone who might have inadvertently subscribed to a premium service. And because it’s broken down by department, we have visibility of where someone has left the business and if we need to cancel their mobile number.”

He likes 3Analyst’s ability to drill down into individual, detailed records, and phone bills over a period of time. This helps identify the causes of cost overruns and prompts conversations between management and staff. “We have people on the road who might use directory enquiries – we can show them that it’s costly when they dial straight through from that service,” he adds. “We are looking at a saving of around 5% per month on our mobile costs, which 3Analyst has helped us to achieve.”