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Recording and streaming high-definition footage from building sites calls for reliable, high-capacity connectivity. Here’s how Three helps Evercam focus on delivering a great customer experience, by delivering built-in mobile broadband as part of the service.

Evercam is a tech start-up that provides time-lapse and project management cameras for building sites. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, its footage is designed to be shared during building works, to document and share progress among project managers or for promotion to the public.

Evercam relies heavily on technology. It uses powerful cinema-quality cameras with 4K resolution, and extra battery packs and SD cards to record over long periods of time. To stream the footage, the camera needs to connect to the internet. In Evercam’s early days, it relied on connecting its cameras to the site network, but this was a tricky obstacle to overcome. New development sites often don’t have broadband yet. Even in places where it was possible to use the builder’s network, Evercam needed to deal with that builder’s IT team and internet service provider. This made setup more complicated and lengthened the sales process.

As an early-stage company, Evercam plans to double its business in 2018. The company filmed around 100 projects last year, including high-profile construction sites like Boland’s Mills, the Fitzwilliam Street ESB building regeneration, Dublin Airport, the EXO building and the Glan Agua water purification plant in Kerry.

Three was the obvious choice for us. What Three had was the right product – and we were a difficult customer because we needed quite a lot of data allowance and flexible pricing.

Marco Herbst, Evercam Founder.


Evercam needs to grow without limits to meet its ambitious target for 2018. Part of this involves placing a broadband connection directly in its cameras. After evaluating all broadband providers in the market, Evercam founder, Marco Herbst, said the choice was easy. Now, Evercam installs a 3Mobile Broadband SIM in each camera. Over time, it has increased the terms of its contract to take advantage of the highest possible speeds, while keeping full control and flexibility over each camera connection.

“Three was the obvious choice for us. What Three had was the right product – and we were a difficult customer because we needed quite a lot of data allowance and flexible pricing,” he says.

Data is a critical issue because the files Evercam share are extremely large. The high-resolution footage can be shared via a live stream online or as one picture per minute as time-lapse photography, depending on project requirements.


Working with Three has made a huge difference to Evercam. “I can control my costs, it’s given us scalability, it’s shortened the sales cycle, and installation is so much smoother because I can preconfigure everything,” says Marco.

With 3Mobile Broadband, Evercam has much more flexibility over where it can install cameras on site, since the devices don’t need a wired broadband connection. This a useful selling point to new customers.

Even with hundreds of SIMs now in use, network reliability has never been a problem no matter where the customer site is located. Marco also pays tribute to Three’s technical call centre in Limerick, and its WebChat, for dealing with any technical queries.

He says his Three Account Manager, Nicole Dervan, has been very responsive and took the time to understand Evercam’s specific needs. “By nature, I consider ourselves as a start-up, and I think Three understands our mind-set,” he says.

Marco is certain that 3Mobile Broadband has been a critical part of Evercam’s expansion and its planned growth in years to come. “It’s had a really big impact on our business. I shudder to think how painful the process would be if I had to negotiate an internet connection for each customer, and then have to remember which provider I’m using for each one. There’s no way we could be growing our business like this if we weren’t putting in 4G SIMs, and if we weren’t able to control connectivity the way we now are.” he says.