How to Win in Business

Three Business Blog Team
On: 16 Oct 2015
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By guest blogger: Frankie Sheahan, Founder and Event Director of Pendulum Summit.

As a former sportsman, I understand the passion and commitment it can take to make it to the top. Since I retired and set up my own business, I’ve been fascinated by how successfully business people are able to harness the same level of drive and commitment as sports people at the top of their game.

I recently attended a business conference with Tony Robbins and it was there that it all became clear. Tony Robbins, if you haven’t already heard of him, is a business and life coach to famous names such as Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton. He’s the most inspirational speaker I’ve ever come across and his advice has really helped me sharpen my focus and change my mindset for winning at business.

Tony doesn’t believe in setting goals for your business or career. He believes goals are a bit flaky and although inspirational, they don’t fill us with the urgency or desperation to fulfill them. Tony believes we should replace our goals with `musts’. Persistence, never giving up and a winning mindset are EVERYTHING when it comes to business success. So your current goal is to win five new clients next month; what happens if you don’t? Will your business fail? Will it become harder to pay your bills? Changing your mindset from setting what you want to achieve from a `goal’ to a `must’ is a far more powerful strategy and gives you a far greater sense of urgency to succeed.

His masterclass explains how to focus on a specific ‘must’ and justify exactly why you are committed to achieving it within a set time frame. Essential to this is coming up with as many reasons as possible for achieving that `must’, in particular those that you’re really passionate about and which will really drive you to get there. If the reasons aren’t compelling enough, then you should start again or choose a different goal. As someone who has been setting goals since an early age, Tony’s advice has really inspired me. Business owners, entrepreneurs and employees at all levels all have different goals and will come up against challenges at every stage of their careers. But it is how you set out to achieve your goals that can mean the difference between success and failure in business.

After witnessing Tony’s energy on stage after four days of total immersion at a business conference in London, it became one of my long term goals to get him to speak at a Pendulum Summit in Ireland by 2020. Using Tony’s advice and turning my long-term goal into a `must’, my persistence and determination paid off and I’m delighted to announce that Tony will be at the next Summit in 2016.

Pendulum Summit powered by Three is coming to Dublin on 8th January 2016. The Pendulum Summit is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment event. I launched the event to help empower Ireland’s business leaders with a positive sense of themselves and their potential.