Widen your horizons with USA and Canada roaming.

Ciara O'Reilly
On: 2 Aug 2018
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USA roaming

Doing business while in the USA and Canada can be tough if you’re lassoed to a public Wi-Fi network. A tailored roaming and international plan with voice, text and data makes it easy and seamless to roam while across the Atlantic in the USA or Canada, without incurring a bill the size of the Grand Canyon.

The EU leads the way.

The EU has beaten the USA and Canada to it, by responding to demands for the removal of roaming charges. However, Irish businesses can’t wait for regulation to reduce the cost of doing business with those important countries. Some operators offer good rates on US partner networks, but are at best a halfway house. The problems arise – and costs rise – when you unwittingly roam out of partner network coverage. It’s then “goodbye pardner” and “howdy bill shock” at the end of the month.

“Providers with partner networks are at best a halfway house.”

The USA is also a lowly twentieth in the rankings of countries with free Wi-Fi – and it’s a very big country. In fact you could spend longer looking for a free Wi-Fi hotspot than you spend using your data. A separate Pay As You Go SIM is a temporary solution for some business travellers. It can provide some semblance of control for outgoing calls and data, but as it’s a different number from the one that colleagues and customers know, incoming communications might be fewer than expected and you may find your calls going unanswered.

Seamless in Seattle.

Roaming and international plans not only let you keep your own number, but also eliminate the need to search for Wi-Fi hotspots and the risk of monthly bill shock. Your communications are seamless and your bills consistent whether you’re conference-calling in Connecticut or sending emails from Seattle.

Even for the less-travelled, a comprehensive roaming and international plan will still save you money. Calls from Ireland to the USA and Canada are classed and charged as international rather than roaming, so it is important they are also covered in your plan. Businesses that frequently make calls to those countries can benefit from a roaming and international plan even if employees never travel abroad.

“Benefit from a roaming and international plan even if employees never travel abroad.”

With the USA having invested over $45 million into the Republic of Ireland in the first quarter of 2018*, and more and more US companies putting down roots here, the Irish-USA connection shows no signs of weakening. All the more reason to make sure it’s easy and affordable to stay connected.