Webinar: Planning and Prioritisation for 2017

Padraig Sheerin
On: 15 Dec 2016
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Webinar planning 2017

Statistics can only tell us so much, but to the expert they are the key to unlocking valuable insights. That’s why we brought together a panel of technology and communications experts to discuss the results of the Irish Business Mindset Survey in a webinar.

Their knowledge and experience leads to a fascinating analysis, and the insights they reveal will help any small-medium size business assess their priorities and plan for 2017.

The webinar, entitled Planning and Prioritisation for 2017, posed four key questions to the panel. Firstly, what characterises the Irish small-medium size business mindset, plans and priorities for 2017? Secondly, why is technology central to the outcomes these businesses want to achieve? Thirdly, what do these businesses really need to understand about security? And lastly, where are their peers seeing immediate success?

The 20-minute webinar is followed by an informative questions-and-answers session. The webinar took place last week, but the recording is now available for you to view.