Video-Infographic: Stop Worrying When Your Data Walks Out the Door

Three Business Blog Team
On: 30 Mar 2017
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Secure business mobility

Given its productivity benefits and the influx of millennials into the workforce, it’s not surprising that mobile working has become more commonplace.

What is surprising is how poorly prepared many businesses are to handle the challenges it brings, most notably the data security risk.

Do you think you’re ahead of or behind your peers when it comes to mobile working? The majority questioned in a recent study (77%) said they can stay on top of their workload using just a smartphone.* Yet a sizeable minority (32%) admitted they lack the necessary technology and support solutions to successfully manage mobile working.** This means there’s a lot of people working away from the office – on the road, in their homes, or in coffee shops between meetings – who are effectively carrying around a key to their business’s data security. A key which, all day and every day, thousands of invisible cyber-criminals are actively trying to get their hands on.

Keep mobilisation moving

Despite the associated security and management challenges, mobilisation of the workforce is an inevitability that is best not avoided for too long. The productivity and recruitment benefits mean it has moved from a nice-to-have to essential to remaining competitive. Digital natives – or millennials – have grown up with mobile technology and expect to use it in all aspects of their lives, not just outside of work. Businesses that do not adopt mobile working will find it increasingly difficult to recruit new staff, and may find their competitors gaining an edge.

Managing mobility

Mobile workers are a bit like camouflage clothing – not being able to see them should be a sign they’re working efficiently. If you’re used to managing an office full of people from 9-5, how ready are you to release the reins and trust your workers to get on with the job wherever they are? Do you know what kinds of processes you can put in place to help you keep tabs, and to enable staff to collaborate and report? Do you know what technology you need in place to keep your data secure?

Figuring out mobile security

Our new video-infographic is now available and will fill you in on the facts, figures and best ways to mobilise your workforce.

It features video interviews with Three’s Nicola Mortimer, Head of Business Products, Marketing and Operations, and Karl McDermott, Head of Business ICT.

*B&A Connectivity Report, November 2016 **Datapac Survey, September 2016