Upwardly mobile: Three rings the changes

Three Business Blog Team
On: 16 Mar 2016
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With over 80% of professionals experiencing an increase in their reliance on mobile data, Nicola Mortimer, Head of Business Product, Marketing and Operations with Three discusses how mobile operators need to tailor plans for the mobile employee.

If you sit on a DART or Luas on your morning commute and take a look around, the sea of held-up newspapers that would have previously greeted you has now been replaced with your fellow commuters’ heads down looking at their phone, and a lot of them are working.

Mobile working has become very much a reality in the last five years, which is a dramatic shift from a predominantly fixed work environment to one that is now largely fluid and flexible. At the heart of this change is the way we access the tools, technologies and information needed to do our jobs, and how we communicate with others. Access used to be defined by hardware, location and fixed networks. As the user you had to be in the right place at the right time, with the right technology.

Developments in IT have made the working world change beyond recognition and it certainly is a good thing. In a recent survey we carried out among 500 professionals at the leading business event, Pendulum Summit, 91% said that mobile working has made their lives easier. The survey also found that over 80% of professionals are experiencing an increase in their reliance on mobile data, with more than half (54%) describing this increase as significant. In addition, almost 80% of those surveyed also described their data usage as high or very high.

The emergence of mobile working is a key driver in this increase in mobile data usage as people move away from the PC as their device of choice. A survey we carried out in association with TechBeat in September 2015 showed that half of IT professionals in Ireland have seen a decrease in their use of a PC due to use of a mobile phone.

The mobile industry has been aware of this growing trend for a number of years and responded accordingly. Where the challenge lies now is ensuring that we tailor the plans we provide customers to their ever growing data allowance needs, as the benefits of mobile working are quickly eroded if the user’s access to data is restrained or uneconomically viable. Without access to a fast mobile network and data, mobile devices become a lot less mobile.

We recently introduced new business plans for customers with the modern day worker front of mind. With these plans, which are available from just €45, we are creating the optimum mobile working environment with All You Can Eat data and free 4G so customers can access Three’s state of the art 4G network. Three is currently investing €300 million in its 4G network. This work is well underway and will be complete by 2017. Some areas are already seeing the benefits and when work is complete there will be a 145% increase in 4G sites across the country; unrivaled by any competitor.