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Three Business Blog Team
On: 24 Aug 2017
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UC Guide

As the name suggests, the purpose of Unified Communications (UC) is to make your communications more efficient and effective by bringing them all together in one integrated solution.

In our free buying guide, we’ve unified all the help and advice you need to start your UC journey.

How do you like to communicate with your customers and colleagues? By voice from your smartphone? By email from your desktop? With your tablet when you’re away from your desk? All of the above? The good news about UC is that you don’t have to choose. Instead you can keep all your options open all the time, and be free to communicate how you want, on whatever device you want, wherever and whenever.

Rather than juggling calls, emails and SMS, and remembering which number to give people for where, you can manage all your communications together, and present a unified, professional face to the world whether you are in your office, in your car – or even at home with your feet up.

However, just because you don’t have to choose how to communicate, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to choose your UC system.

Choosing Your UC

Whether you’re in the early stages of considering UC or you feel you’re ready to make a decision, a clear and concise guide to the points to consider and the available options can only help you to make a better-informed choice. This is why we created the free eGuide, Communication Your Way: A Unified Communications Buying Guide for Small-Medium Businesses.

Rather than overloading you with information, the guide helps you to discover the kind of UC you need to fit your way of communicating, working and doing business, then steers you in the right direction towards the best option to meet your specific requirements.

Step by Step

There are almost as many UC solutions available as there are UC providers. Decisions vary from upfront capital investment or monthly fee, to buy your own servers or use the cloud. By providing a logical, step by step evaluation process, the guide helps you to focus on your needs, identify the most appropriate solution, and make a choice that will help your business grow and that it won’t outgrow, for many years to come.

Make a choice that will help your business grow.

Your first step on the way to a successful UC solution is to download your free copy of ‘Communication Your Way – a Unified Communications Buying Guide for Small-Medium Businesses’ here.

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