The Internet of Things and How to Be Part of It – eGuide

Three Business Blog Team
On: 7 Dec 2017
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Internet of Things IoT eBook

IoT is making the impossible possible…

With IoT, you can collect data from things you might never have imagined you could. Since data is the business capital of the 21st century, this is invaluable for any enterprise.

For businesses, IoT presents both opportunities and challenges. It is not necessarily about a change in technology, but a change in thinking. All you need to access valuable data from a virtually infinite range of “things” is a sensor and a connection. But how are companies using this data to better serve their customers, to be more efficient, to retain staff and to increase productivity?

All you need to access valuable data from a virtually infinite range of “things” is a sensor and a connection.

Data is only ever the means, not the end. It needs to be interpreted and analysed correctly or it’s nothing more than numbers. Even if it’s interrogated to provide useful information, if that information is not acted on then it’s not useful at all. By customer request, we have created an eGuide to help businesses better imagine and navigate what IoT can mean for them going into 2018.

How IoT will change everything

You will see real life examples of how data is being used as a launchpad for business growth, as well as six things you might have thought impossible, but that IoT makes readily achievable. It can help you give your customers a better experience, automate marketing and selling, improve operational efficiency, create new products and services, increase productivity and even attract and retain high quality employees.

The eGuide is written largely based on real-world case stories from Irish enterprises that demonstrate how much can be achieved with just a few sensors, some seamless connectivity and some innovative ideas.

One company for instance moved into a whole new market. Another expanded from Ireland into international markets and a third introduced a revolutionary approach to the way its whole sector operates, at the same time reducing its costs and improving customer service.

The adage says, the only constant is change. Let’s get creative about what we do with it.