The Future is Very Much in the Cloud

Karl McDermott
On: 26 Jan 2017
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Karl McDermott ICT Three

The cloud. It’s one of the most important tools available to modern businesses and, with next generation data centres, companies have more managed services opportunities than ever.

At Three, we see businesses of every size availing of existing cloud services such as CRM, Unified Communications, and email and document sharing. Many medium enterprises are also moving applications off-premise to co-location in a data centre, as next generation data centres get bigger and more efficient. Hybrid cloud services are also on the rise, with many customers looking to move specific services such as email or CRM to the cloud, while maintaining ownership of some applications.

For Irish businesses, the future is very much in the cloud.

It’s easy to see why. One major benefit of the cloud and the use of data centres is their security and resilience. Dedicated Tier 3 data centres have significantly higher resilience and up-time than an individual company’s communications room. Compliance requirements for business continuity, disaster recovery, risk and data backup are easier to meet when the applications and data are housed in fault-tolerant data centres, rather than in the company’s locations. Data centre services allow companies to continue to manage their applications, but with the support of the remote hands and eyes of the data centre staff to perform physical changes.

Secure, elastic, and mobile-friendly.

At Three, we are seeing our customers moving to the cloud because of concerns about compliance, backup and risk as the number of security attacks increase. While many companies do not have the knowledge in-house to keep up with new security threats, low-cost cloud support options are in place to give companies peace of mind.

In addition to heightened security, the cloud can also facilitate the mobile worker. With a growing number of employees working on the go, and from home, it’s important to grow your cloud services to fit their needs. Also, the elastic nature of the cloud allows businesses to add and remove users as required.

It’s important to remember that employees accessing cloud services are likely to be mobile, using either their smartphone or their tablet. Mobile capacity is therefore critical for them and the increase in this bandwidth brought by 4G has had a big impact. Cloud-based telephony is now taking off as companies look to reduce the line costs associated with their old phone systems, and embrace mobile solutions.

Data centres are equipped with high-speed fibre, which accommodates businesses regardless of their location. A connectivity challenge had existed in the past, in the last mile to a small or medium company’s premises, particularly when located outside the main population centres. With 4G and 4G+ growing in availability throughout Ireland, mobile connectivity is becoming an increasingly viable option for companies to connect with cloud-based services.

Businesses are also embracing the cloud for its obvious cost reduction potential. The standard cost for cloud services, per user per month, is attractive and the alternative is fraught with unexpected costs such as software upgrades, new hardware, power and cooling, as well as manpower.

Big data at your fingertips.

Moving to the future, more companies are likely to realise the security and cost benefits of moving services to the cloud, with more large enterprises opting for established cloud service providers rather than trying to build their own private cloud. Companies’ virtualised applications will be easily moved to a data centre, which enable the use of Big Data, providing resources for many of the commonly used services today, such as real-time traffic maps, social networking, real-time business analytics and decision-making tools.

Cloud has already become a way of life for businesses globally, with Ireland having one of the world’s best domestic technology infrastructures in place. If your company is not already realising its agility, collaboration and acceleration benefits, maybe it’s time you looked to the cloud too.

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