Technical Adviser Series: Promoting Your Business (Video)

Ian Flynn
On: 18 May 2017
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3Communicate 3Media

Our technical adviser series invites Three experts to talk through specific topics and dig into common misconceptions. In this video, we explore ways that businesses can use text messaging products to connect more deeply with their customers.

With 3Communicate and 3Media, even small businesses have the power to make personal and timely connections with their customers. See below the video for more information on the products discussed.


3Communicate is a cloud-based mobile engagement platform. It can be used to create interactive services and marketing campaigns. Our customers use it for a variety of needs, from advertising promotions to service alerts and appointment reminders. 3Communicate is designed to be flexible and adapt to your needs. It provides the tools to help you improve interactions with your customers, fully embrace the power of mobile, and ensure personal and meaningful engagement every time.

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3Media can help your business target, reach and engage the right customers – combining expertise in media strategy, digital marketing, data analytics and payments with the latest mobile and digital technology platforms.

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