Seamless Communications Made Simple for Business (Video)

Padraig Sheerin
On: 10 Nov 2017
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Three’s Padraig Sheerin, Head of SME Business, and Karl McDermott, Head of 3Connected Solutions, have seen the future of business communications, and it’s seamless.

Watch their discussion on how saving money on your landlines can also help you deliver better support to your customers, and ultimately even to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Your customers expect it. Your new generation of employees has grown up with it. Your business will benefit from it. Seamless communications provides not only tangible cost savings, but also efficiency and productivity advantages that will make any size of business more competitive and more profitable. Padraig Sheerin, Head of SME Business at Three, and Karl McDermott, Head of 3Connected Solutions at Three, discuss the reasons for adopting seamless communications, and the best route to take.

What Seamless Communications Means for Businesses

Many businesses adopt seamless communications solely for the cost-savings compared with traditional landlines. However, there are far broader benefits for everyone involved – inside and outside the business.

Employee and Customer Benefits

Adoption of seamless communications in any business needs to be led from the top down, because its benefits can change the way the whole business operates. As with any journey you need only one reason to begin, but the future opportunities – from video to Virtual Reality – are huge.

Seamless Communications: the Way Ahead

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