Relief for Business Growing Pains

Stephen Mulligan
On: 16 Feb 2017
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Growing a business is all about taking the next step, then the next, and the next. The good news is that, thanks to the availability and cost-effectiveness of cloud services, at least one of those important steps can be a leap instead.

You can take advantage of the latest communications technology, with the capabilities previously reserved for larger businesses, and with none of the investment-related risk you might imagine.

After all, the middle is no place to be. Assailed from both sides – either by smaller, more agile, more specialist competitors, or by larger, more powerful, nationals and multinationals – the business in the middle appears to inhabit the worst of all possible worlds. The problem in the past has been that to go from the first rung of the ladder to the third, was a big, expensive and risky step to take. There were no shortcuts from being a small business to being a big business. However, technology now makes it possible to go from being a big “small business” with its technology bursting at the seams, to a small “big business” with all the benefits of scale but none of the disadvantages.

The Pain

When you started out as single-site operation, or a small collection of single sites, a cheap phone system was probably all you needed or could afford to invest in. Now your business has grown and you have numerous sites, adding new ones to the network is difficult and expensive. Your old phone system is past its sell-by date and won’t talk to your newer systems. You’re racking up large phone bills on calls between sites and to company mobiles. Outages and infrastructure problems are not occasional glitches but monthly occurrences that drain your resources and hold back your business. The fact is that despite your growing size, in network infrastructure terms, you are a collection of small businesses trying to be a big business.

The Relief

The solution to scaling up without spending up is to take advantage of centralised cloud services. These services, which include everything from network and internet connectivity to data security and firewalling, voice services, Unified Communications and Collaboration, and Mobile Device Management, are hosted by a provider who has already made all the capital investment on your behalf. Adding a new site is as simple – and cost-effective – as connecting it to the cloud and starting work. The only hardware required is the phone or router, and a resilient connection to the cloud. The only cost is a monthly fee per user for the services used.

Bigging-up Your Business

One you have the cloud-based infrastructure in place, your business will be able to grow faster, because you won’t be held back by the need to find capital to invest in your network. Your business will also be able to present itself as the big business you want it to be.

One contact number dialling for incoming calls; more efficient ways of answering and routing customers’ calls; a more professional appearance with one number presentation of outgoing calls… There are many possibilities, which are all made possible by an up-to-date network infrastructure and will help your big small business become a small big business, and that small big business to be, quite simply, a more successful business.

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