Practical Advice from Your Peers on Business Transformation

Three Business Customer
On: 27 Jul 2017
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In business, nothing beats experience. What runs a close second is practical advice from your peers who have already addressed the challenges your organisation is now facing.

With digital transformation currently the greatest test for Irish small-medium enterprise (SME), the Three Customer Insights Panel offers its advice on successful, painless change management.

Introducing the Three Customer Insights Panel

We have brought together a group of Irish business leaders to form the Three Customer Insights Panel. On a regular basis, we will pose the question of the moment to these SME owners and managers, and share their valuable advice to help make your own path to growth smoother and perhaps even shorter.

Eight Heads are Better than One

Change management is something people have been struggling with for centuries. Socrates said: “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” Einstein said: “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change,” in which case our panel measure up as very intelligent indeed.

The panel consists of eight leaders of some of the country’s most forward-thinking, technology-savvy companies, and asks them to provide the benefit of their experience to businesses that are wrestling with the same issues they have already overcome.

Learning from businesses that have ‘been there, done that’ will help you avoid making the same mistakes they did, and help you benefit from the tips and shortcuts they discovered the hard way.

We started with asking them the following question:

If you could offer one piece of advice to other companies similar to yours, to help them effectively manage change as they become more digital – what would it be?

Find out what they said here