The Next Step for Your Business: Where Do You Grow From Here?

Three Business Blog Team
On: 2 Nov 2016
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If you have an ambition to grow your small-medium enterprise (SME), do you know what steps you should be taking?

Do you know the cost-effective shortcuts and rewarding technology investments you should be making? And what mistakes to avoid? Our free eGuide has answers.

Technology is what enables a filling station to be operated remotely, completely unmanned, 24 hours a day. It’s what facilitates the SMS messages which many businesses find the most effective way of reaching their customers. It’s what helps the most forward-thinking, connected SMEs – SMEs using the cloud to expand operations, host services and even inspire new products – to grow 26% faster* than those who aren’t.

What can technology do for your business?

Who knows better what technology can do for your business, than businesses like yours in Ireland, who have been through it all already? Their stories are told in the free Guide to Technology for SMEs.

  • Read about the department store that gets more out of giving free access to its Wi-Fi than it would from charging for it.
  • Learn how a manufacturer increased productivity by cutting down onsite inspection visits.
  • And discover just where the right technology, used effectively, can take your business right now.

Three-step action plan

Of course, what works for one business won’t necessarily work for yours. Anyone who tells you otherwise is looking after their own sales figures, not yours. That’s why the Guide to Technology for SMEs – full of useful case studies though it is – doesn’t expect you to copy and paste a digital game plan. What it does do is offer you a three-step action plan. If you follow it to establish what questions you need to ask, who you need to ask them of, and to find the most cost-effective way to move your technology strategy forward, you will be well on your way to achieving the growth you’re looking for.

More growth, less risk

Traditionally, investing for growth has come with a level of risk. However developments in technology mean there are now ways to capitalise on the benefits of technology and to expand your operations without irrevocably committing yourself to large investment.

If learning more about that is all you take away from this free eGuide, it will be worthwhile, but there’s far more it can tell you about the opportunities technology can open up to help your business achieve its next stage of growth.

Where do you grow from here? Start here.

*Source: Small business, big technology. Deloitte 2014