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James Bracken
On: 28 Jun 2018
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Cloud computing has transformed network IT and workplace connectivity, but there’s more it can do to streamline and maximise communications infrastructure. With businesses under increasing pressure to retain customer loyalty, an effective communications infrastructure becomes paramount. Everyone – customers, colleagues, suppliers – want to work flexibly and choose how and when they communicate. Everyone also expects quick and efficient responses. This calls for streamlined and `always on’ communications, which is why we’re seeing the traditional fixed, office-based PBX phone system being replaced by hosted Unified Communications (UC).

Why consider UC?

A regular landline is just not going to meet your customers’ expectations anymore. They want to be able to contact your business via Instant Messaging, text, website forms, email or a phone number that directs them to the correct person. UC converges all devices across an enterprise and creates a single channel of communication. All communication channels are managed on one platform, hosted by one provider via the cloud.

Whether with a personal (BYOD) or corporate-owned device – phone, laptop, tablet or desktop – and no matter where employees are based, UC enables a business to present one unified image and consistent experience to its customers. As a hosted solution, it’s scalable to your organisation’s changing needs and there is no need for a fixed infrastructure, which eliminates hardware investments and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.

Take the pressure off your disaster recovery strategy.

There are many threats such as malware, phishing, fire and floods that can bring your business to its knees without an effective disaster recovery strategy. Using a hosted solution means you can rest easy knowing your communications infrastructure is secure. Not only that, its `plug-and-play’ ease of use ensures your employees and customers don’t suffer any disruption or downtime and that it’s always business as usual.

Reduce costs, increase productivity.

With Hosted UC you pay per user per month, giving your business the flexibility to only pay for what is needed. It’s also `evergreen’, meaning any upgrades are included at no extra cost. There are no additional network, hardware or maintenance costs either.

With 24×7 access to real-time data, you have the visibility across all communications channels to make organisational improvements that maximise efficiency and productivity. UC also allows employees to control their communications channels, for example, they can choose to accept communications from specific channels during certain times, or they can set their availability to let colleagues know if they are free or in a meeting. This transparency helps manage expectations on response times and informs you to seek someone else if you can’t wait for the person to become available.

A missed call could mean a lost customer. The distributed nature of UC means all calls can be answered, with call routing to the next best available person or failing that, to voicemail.

Training is key.

Often forgotten or excluded, yet key to reaping the benefits of your UC, is training. It’s essential to ensure full utilisation of the system across your workforce. Although the system is easy-to-use, your staff will appreciate someone showing them through all the added features and functionality they can avail of. Training should be built into the project plan from the very beginning and a good provider will have a refined training programme to get your team up and running.

With all the communication channels and platforms at our fingertips today, there’s no excuse to not unify and maximise them to give your business competitive edge.

You’re invited to the UC experience.

We would be delighted to show you what the future could look like for your enterprise, and in particular the many benefits of Unified Communications. Join us in our Customer Experience (CX) room at our head office in Dublin and a Solutions Architect will demonstrate how UC can reduce costs, increase productivity and transform your operational model. Make an appointment now by calling 1800 200 017 or get a call back.