Irish firm on the frontline of the coronavirus battle.

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On: 3 Apr 2020
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In this blog, Kieran McBrien, Senior VP of International Business Development at Novaerus, explains how the Irish firm’s ground-breaking air purification technology is helping hospitals in Asia and Europe combat Covid-19.

Back in February, we welcomed the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, Mr He Xiangdong, to our officesand donated twenty-two of our air disinfection units to help out hospitals in Wuhan. Two weeks later the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic and we found ourselves on a rollercoaster, playing a small part in helping under-pressure hospitals cope with an unprecedented pandemic.

Innovating out of Ireland.

Novaerus manufactures and sells patented medical-grade, clean air solutions that have an established market in Asia. Our CEO, Dr Kevin Devlin, describes what we do as “closing the infection control loop”, supplementing the sanitisation of hands and surfaces by cleaning the air.  Work first began on a solution in 2006, having identified that many clean air products, including standalone filtration, are unable to trap viral particles.

A long period of R&D resulted in Novaerus developing patented plasma technology that offers a unique and safe way to kill airborne viruses. Clinical trials began in Europe in 2008 and a radical upgrade of the technology was completed in 2011. In 2015, we moved into our headquarters, the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus in Dublin, where we made a significant investment in world-class laboratories and testing facilities that allowed us to accelerate our prototyping. 

In March, we were delighted that the efficacy of one of our portable devices, Defend 1050, was tested and qualified by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology and is now registered on China’s National Online Record Information Service Platform for Disinfection Products.  This helps us with the objective that we share with our parent company WellAir, to create productive, healthy, energy-efficient indoor spaces free of pollutants that cause infection, allergies, asthma, and irritation.

We have large and small test chambers that facilitate wide-ranging research, from using environmental sensors to analysing air pollutants to directly testing our products on various pathogens. Our non-chemical, ultra-low energy plasma technology has proved powerful enough to destroy pathogens on contact, yet gentle enough for continued use around vulnerable populations.  

There is no doubt that having our own labs radically shortened our development time, but it’s also given us the chance to prove the efficacy of our solution – because a significant proportion of viral infection transmission happens in the air.

Building up distribution.

We are international but pride ourselves on being wholly Irish. We have a sales office in the US but the company HQ, including all of our R&D, is run out of the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus. The only element we outsource is manufacturing.

We could never have anticipated the scale of the coronavirus outbreak, however, and feel humble and proud if our products can play a small part in helping severely under pressure healthcare professionals control life-threatening infections.

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