Inside the Mind of Irish Business – How are other Irish SMEs investing in technology?

Three Business Blog Team
On: 17 Nov 2016
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Irish Business Mindset Survey Report Three

In knowing your competitors, you can find a competitive edge. Our Irish Business Mindset Survey Report is now available to download for free, and will help you understand what other small-medium businesses are thinking about technology and their investment in it.

Find out whether you are ahead of the game or behind the curve. Find out how other businesses are addressing the challenges of the changing market. Learn about some of the easiest, most affordable ways to benefit from the latest technologies available.

There are more than a quarter of a million small-medium businesses in Ireland*, and they are facing many of the same challenges that you face; from decisions around investing for growth to trying to keep up with ever-changing goal posts when it comes to technology. Wouldn’t it be interesting – and extremely useful – to know what they’re thinking?

That’s what we thought, so we surveyed small-medium size business customers of Three Ireland, across a range of job functions and industry segments. In this report, we share the responses and get under the bonnet to unravel the meaning behind them.

Analysing technology investment

Rather than relying on our own experience of the kind of technologies businesses are choosing, we set about achieving a rounded picture of business aspirations, concerns, short-term and long-term plans. The report identifies how other businesses like yours feel about the future, and the role technology will play in it.

Satisfying a changing market

Whether you are looking for new ways to serve your customers better and meet their expectations, or you’re thinking about hiring more employees, things have changed. As the survey report says:

“millennials have arrived, and they’ve got expectations. It’s not just them – the world now behaves differently.”

Customers want instant responses to queries or complaints. Employees demand a flexible, technology-enabled work environment. If you’re not able to meet the expectations of either group, they’ll take their business or their CVs elsewhere.

The survey report reveals how some businesses are using technology to change the way they operate, to keep both customers and employees satisfied.

Are you behind the curve?

The survey report not only looks into the fast-changing market, but also discovers the percentage of Irish SMEs that are ready for it. What percentage of your peers are already using social media to respond to customers? How many have a CRM? How many don’t even have a website?

The survey report reveals the answers to the question: “How digital is your business?” And you may be surprised.

Whether you want to read your competitors’ minds so you can out-think them, or benefit from their experience so you can outpace them, the Three Irish Business Mindset Survey Report: Winter 2016 will help you.

*Source: Central Statistics Office