First things first: get your start-up mobile

Padraig Sheerin
On: 31 Jul 2014
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Top tips on mobile communications for business start-ups.

Communication is key in business, especially when setting up your own company for the first time. Carefully consider each decision made along this journey and your new enterprise will flourish. So, what do newbie entrepreneurs need to know about selecting phone plans?

Cost consciousness

Of course, business requirements vary enormously. It’s all about creating solutions for your day-to-day needs, so ask yourself exactly what you’ll want your business phones for, then select the right deal to keep costs under control.

It’ll pay to think about the following:

  • Whether you’re flying solo for now or already employ a small team, search for a straightforward monthly cost per mobile with no hidden charges.
  • Maybe for the time being you require a SIM-only package which offers the flexibility of a no-ties rolling contract, so if your needs change as your business evolves so too can your plan.
  • Know your business roaming options – your mobile technology is central to your working life and should enable you to work away from your office, here or abroad.

Style equals substance

Many successful entrepreneurs will testify that all you need to get your business off the ground is a laptop and a mobile phone, so:

  • Opt for the best phone your budget will allow.
  • Take advantage of free mobile apps for business productivity and analytics. Most software packages you use in your wider business will now come with a mobile app to bring its functionality onto your smartphone. Very useful on the go!
  • Look for packages with All You Can Eat Data so you can get the most from your phone with no surprises when you’re billed at the month’s end. You will be free to complete tasks like internet banking and credit card processing on the move, making your business super-efficient and mobile.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s a mobile communications jungle out there. All too often it’s easy to become bogged down with the seemingly overwhelming choices which are on offer, particularly when you may have bigger fish to fry. If something is unclear and you feel as if you need guidance, the Business Support Team is at hand to answer your queries and put you on the right path to business growth.