How to Find, Choose and Apply Technology to Grow Your Business

Three Business Blog Team
On: 27 Apr 2017
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growth through technology

Lack of time? Lack of budget? Lack of technical expertise? Whatever the reason, it’s often the businesses that stand to benefit most from technology investment that are the most reluctant to invest.

Many small to medium enterprises are being held back, simply because business owners are unaware of the solutions available and how easy and affordable they can be to implement.

It’s hardly surprising as it’s hard to keep on top of technology when it’s constantly progressing and developing, and you already have your own industry to focus on. It’s equally unsurprising that our research has shown a disparity between the priorities of Irish business owners, and their perspectives on technology investment. They are keen to improve their operations, productivity, efficiency, and customers’ experiences , and yet 40% of those same businesses do not proactively invest in technology.

Since technology is the means to those ends, this simply doesn’t make sense. That’s why we’ve put together some slides to show you how simple and effective it can be to grow your business with technology.

Technology in the real world

Irish businesses across all sectors are already achieving growth through technology. In our slides, we share some real-world examples of technology applications by Three customers to inspire you.

Are you looking for more effective ways to close sales? Do you need to build stronger customer relationships? Does your business have remote operations that you want to manage more efficiently? You may be surprised to learn how achievable your aspirations are with the right technologies.

What do you need, and why?

To help you find the right technology to drive growth in your business, we have included a three-step technology action plan in the slides. You will also discover the technology that is helping businesses grow 26% faster.