Exploring what IoT can really do for your business (video).

Three Business Blog Team
On: 13 Mar 2019
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IoT - Photo by Dennis Kummer on Unsplash

Watch Shane McHugh, Three’s Senior Product Manager – Global IoT and Chris Burton, Three’s IoT Business Development Manager, take you through from the background of IoT right up to how it can transform and simplify your business model.

In this video, Shane explains where the Internet of Things (IoT) came from and where it’s going. He also describes the IoT value chain and how we should learn to imagine technology that can deliver more insights, improve efficiency and provoke valuable new business models.

Anything is possible.

IoT makes the once impossible, possible. It turns formerly dumb things into connected smart devices. It transforms raw data into valuable analytics that can be used to make rational commercial decisions based on fact, not fiction or guesswork. IoT enables organisations to shift away from traditional, disconnected ways of working and to approach problem solving and development in new, more efficient ways.

Watch Chris discuss how IoT transforms business models. He is then joined by Shane to define how IoT simplifies value chains.

Getting started with IoT.

In this video, Chris and Shane share how businesses can get started with IoT.

Start your 3IoT journey.

Working with a partner like Three, with exposure to countless IoT applications and solutions around the world, you can connect the things and people that matter to discover new markets and insights. The 3IoT team can help you create new partnerships, share know-how and expertise with you, and even help you part with tradition to discover functional use cases for IoT across your organisation.

IoT may be built on innovative technology, but the real innovation is in how it’s applied to make organisations more agile and intelligent. The 3IoT Starter Kit gives you all the tools you need to design, develop, and test your IoT environment on the Three global network. It offers free-of-charge access to our platform for the development and testing of new concepts.