Evaluate your communications technology in minutes with our free tool

John O'Sullivan
On: 12 Jan 2017
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With the pace of change in business communications technology showing no signs of slowing, now is the time to assess your system and uncover if it is driving business growth or holding you back.

There are very few ways you can improve your business in only five minutes, but there is one. It’s a quick and easy online quiz we have developed, which will tell you whether your existing communications system is supporting your 2017 business objectives as it should. On completion, you will receive an instant personalised set of recommendations.

Meeting customer expectations

Today’s customer expects instant communication and real-time information across a wide choice of channels. When they are dissatisfied, they can be quick to make their complaints public, on Twitter for example, but equally when things go right your business can gain valuable, positive feedback and reviews. An effective communications system is vital to maintaining good relationships in this new era of customer expectations.

Businesses need to ensure customers get through to the right person to solve their query, while ensuring employees have all the relevant information on the customer, their history and the product/service at their fingertips. As well as keeping existing customers happy, it’s important for converting leads to sales too.

Reduce costs, increase productivity

At the most basic, physical level, an effective communications system makes it more cost-effective for colleagues to work together. Instead of travelling to and from meetings at a central location, they can “meet” virtually. The time saved represents a sizable increase in productivity, as well as cutting costs such as travel expenses. At a more strategic level, the capability for colleagues to communicate effectively with one another encourages collaboration, and collaboration stimulates innovation and creativity – driving productivity in turn.

Behave like a bigger business

For a small-medium size business, the right communications system can help you “fight above your weight”. If it isn’t practical for your business to have someone sitting at a desk taking calls all day, it doesn’t mean any calls should go unanswered or be answered by someone who can’t deal with them efficiently. Your communications system can be configured to route calls to mobiles, so wherever your team members are and whatever phones they are using, the right person can pick-up. Alternatively, calls can be diverted to any available employee, but supported by instant access to caller details on-screen to enable them to provide an appropriate, consistent response.

With outbound calls you can gain similar benefits. Employees can call customers from their mobiles – whether business-owned or personal – and have the phone number disguised as your business landline to maintain a consistent and professional brand image.

Unleash business growth

The efficiency or otherwise of your communications system can have far-reaching financial implications for the whole of your business. If, for example, your system is failing and requires regular maintenance, then it is wasting time and money you could better invest elsewhere. If it is inefficient, it could be losing you customers. If it lacks some of the more cutting-edge features that drive business growth, you could be handing your competitors the edge.

Take 5 minutes now to assess the effectiveness of your business communications system. You will discover whether your communications system is a business slower or a business grower, and what you can do about it.