Create customer delight with the latest communications tools.

Stephen Mulligan
On: 7 Feb 2019
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Customer delight

Customer delight is all about going the extra mile for your customers to give them more value than they expect or demand. It should be central to every company’s mission along with strategies and technologies that support it. The aim should be customers who can’t help recommending your company to others.

Customer delight strengthens brands.

Customer delight doesn’t start and end with the customer. It goes beyond the customer experience, gains momentum and comes back around to your brand. For example, when Bungie – the studio behind the popular video game Halo – received a letter from a father whose son was disappointed to be missing out on playing the latest game release due to liver transplant surgery, the development team delivered a custom-built Halo helmet, art, shirts and a signed card, in person to the hospital. During the surprise visit, the father took photos and posted them on his social media accounts, sharing the experience with others. What was essentially a small and personal gesture from the development team ended up a viral sensation and created an emotional attachment between customers and the brand.

Can technology really create customer delight?

More often than not, the happy experiences we remember are those that involved people. Those based on interactions with technology alone are usually only memorable if the tech has failed us in some way. Even though technology may not be able to create the same level of delight as people can, it can certainly be pivotal in customising interactions and improving services through proactive suggestions and insights.

Using high-tech to drive high-touch outreach and memories is a skill that all companies should be exploring as it pays huge dividends in customer advocacy and loyalty. Instead of using customer data to push marketing messages, they should be using this data to say “hey, we know you” and “we know what you like and we’re here to help”.

The brands delighting customers with tech.

Amazon’s one-click technology was one of the first to explore the potential of customer delight. When first released, many customers were skeptical about storing their account and payment details in exchange for one-click ordering, but once they experienced the convenience of it, they were hooked. While the shininess of one-click has worn off somewhat, Amazon continues to delight in new ways, such as same-day delivery and Amazon Dash buttons.

Another example is Tampa Bay Lightning, a professional hockey team in Florida. They sent a very special jersey to each of their full-season ticket holders. Not only did the jersey have a distinctive design, but also a microchip built into the sleeve. The chip, when scanned, gave ticket holders a discount of up to 35% on all merchandise purchased in shops and at concession stands during a Lightning game.

More and more retailers are starting to play around with Augmented Reality; creating virtual changing rooms and magic mirrors with expectations of changing how people shop for clothing and cosmetics. Superdrug, Uniqlo and John Lewis are just some of the big brands pushing the limits and showing what is possible with technology.

Beacons, beacons, everywhere.

Retailers are also realising the potential of beacons; inexpensive, tiny devices that can be stuck to walls, ceilings and any stationary object to provide contextual data and promotions to customers in-store. There are many use cases for using beacons in a retail environment, including:

  • Push notifications
  • Indoor navigation/ layout design
  • Personalised offers
  • Data generation – customer buying habits, loyalty etc.

Beacons can enrich the customer experience in many ways, from welcoming shoppers as they enter a store to alerting shop staff that a certain customer has arrived. Armed with insights on the customer, staff can make recommendations based on purchase history and make them feel like a truly valued customer. What’s more, the data collected at the time of purchase can be used to analyse the effectiveness of beacon technology and how better to leverage its features in future.

What’s your secret sauce?

Every company has the power to delight their customers. Once you have found the secret sauce that will help your brand to stand out from the crowd and wow your audience, you can repeat this success over and over. From the retail brand that uses beacons and smart technology to transform the in-store experience to the airline company that automatically reschedules customers from a cancelled flight onto the next available flight, gaining an understanding of your customers will inform what you can do to make their day.

To truly provide the best experience for customers, businesses should be focusing on their needs, wishes and interests to the point where they cannot help themselves but to share their remarkable experience with others.

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