Cloud First – Part 2 (video)

Stephen Mulligan
On: 2 Nov 2017
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cloud first IT strategy

If you’re considering a ‘cloud first’ strategy for your business, know that it’s not simply a matter of adopting a new infrastructure.

It’s a new way of operating, a change to your IT finance model and – for some employees – a change to duties. Handled correctly, they are all changes for the better. My previous blog looked at whether a ‘cloud first’ strategy is right for every business. The conclusion was that, in effect, it all depends. Establishing the right strategy for your own business requires a detailed analysis of its infrastructure to reveal which areas may be suitable to migrate to the cloud now and which should wait until later.

The True Cost of IT

The cost of your infrastructure represents only one aspect of the true cost of IT – even if it is the most sizeable one. Two other things you need to consider are the cost of connectivity and the cost of people. Moving to the cloud will almost certainly help to reduce your people costs. Not by reducing the number of people you employ, but by freeing them to carry out higher value, more cost-effective tasks than the time-consuming task of keeping old, onsite IT infrastructure running.

The Consumptive Model

A move to the cloud may initially seem to be an operational change, yet in fact it’s just as much a financial one. Operating your own traditional onsite infrastructure saddles you with certain fixed costs regardless of how much or how little you use it in any given period. It’s a little like owning a car, which still needs insurance and road tax even when it’s sitting in a car park all day. Meanwhile, it’s also a depreciating asset.

The cloud, on the other hand, is more like signing up to an electricity supplier, in that you don’t pay up front for infrastructure and you don’t pay for what you don’t use – you pay according to your consumption.

Same Services, Consumed Differently

Getting a Head Start

Although any business can migrate its infrastructure to the cloud, there’s no denying that it’s easier if you’re starting from scratch. If you are about to start a new business or a new venture within your existing business, or even if you are simply moving to new premises, you have the ideal opportunity to consider thinking outside the IT box – or at least outside the onsite server – and taking advantage of the cloud instead.

Cloud First – For Every Business

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