The Changing Face of Technology Investment

Three Business Blog Team
On: 26 Oct 2017
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Irish Business Mindset Report 2017

The 2017 Irish Business Mindset Report is a snapshot of the current state of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland.

Yet it’s much more as well. It’s a portal to get you inside the minds of your peers and competitors, so you can see what they’re thinking and planning, and what you should be doing to compete.

Our first survey one year ago provided a unique insight into the minds, aspirations and technology investments of Irish SMEs. Following this year’s survey, the Report not only reveals what SMEs are thinking today, but also how that’s changed since the same time last year.

A unique insight into the minds, aspirations and technology investments of SMEs

The survey gathered responses from owners and managers across a broad range of industry segments. The answers have combined to make an interesting picture of the state of play in business technology and the state of mind of Irish business people. According to the Central Statistics Office there are more than a quarter of a million businesses of SME size in Ireland. This large number means that what SMEs think is not only important to the sector itself, but also to the whole of the Irish economy.

As well as revealing what business people like you are thinking, the report analyses why they’re thinking it, with the help of some of Three’s own business leaders.

The Stories Behind the Stats

The Report looks at the facts behind the figures. What, for example, does a proactive approach to technology investment look like in the real world, and what can it deliver for a business’s bottom line? Also if technology is central to business priorities and growth strategies – as over two-thirds of respondents believe – how does technology help SMEs to do better?

Glass Half-Full?

What a year 2017 has been. Having two surveys to compare throws up some interesting differences between last year and this. One thing that hasn’t changed is the attitude of the SMEs surveyed about the current Irish business climate. With the details of Brexit still being worked out and the implications still anybody’s guess, plus the ripples from America’s change of President making their way across the Atlantic, the fact that 50% of respondents are still “cautiously optimistic” is perhaps surprising.

50% of respondents are still “cautiously optimistic”

The 2017 Report goes some way to help with understanding where that optimism comes from, and where Irish SMEs stand on technology investment, the cloud, business digitalisation and much more. More importantly, it will also help you to see where you stand in relation to your peers and competitors. Are you ahead, behind or just keeping up? To find out, read or download your copy of the Irish Business Mindset Report 2017.