Building sights: keeping watch over construction projects.

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On: 4 Oct 2018
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Evercam 4G cameras Three

Initially developed as a home security device, Evercam saw the potential of their wireless camera, connected to 4G, to help construction project teams, stakeholders and clients to monitor and record progress from foundation laying to ribbon-cutting.

Few people can resist watching a building going up. It’s why holes are cut in the hoardings around construction sites: so the person in the street can get a look at what’s happening with all those cranes, diggers and dumper trucks. However, it’s not just passers-by who want to watch the progress of these projects; the stakeholders do too of course – from the architect to the contractor, investor, purchaser or ultimate occupier. Often it’s more than curiosity but a requirement for documented visual evidence of progress.

Before the advent of 4G, a digital camera in a waterproof box offered a slightly more sophisticated solution for stakeholders than a hole in the hoarding. Mounted high with a commanding view and connected to a triggering device, it would take repeated shots over time. Human intervention was required on a regular basis to check it was functioning correctly and to replace the memory card and battery.

With 4G came a better, more reliable and efficient solution. Whereas broadband isn’t usually available on a construction site, 4G mobile connectivity is. This enables the use of Evercam’s IP CCTV cameras, which connect to the internet to stream live or time-lapse video to anyone with a connection and authorisation to view.

The 4K resolution of the cameras is high enough quality for cinema, so clearly more than adequate for monitoring a project. They are also designed for their operating environment – weatherproof, robust and either solar- or mains-powered. They require no human intervention from the moment they’re activated until the project is complete. They’re also so affordable that most users don’t even go to the trouble of retrieving them when their job is done.

Mounted somewhere suitable and fitted with a Three SIM on an All You Can Eat data plan, Evercam cameras offer previously unachievable benefits. The usefulness of still images from digital cameras is limited. With real-time video, together with software tools from providers such as Evercam, an architect can collaborate remotely with the onsite project manager, footage can be shared with marketing teams, comparisons can me made between any two points in time, and much more. Other examples of how the footage has come in useful include quantity surveyors reviewing the video to improve efficiency and reduce costs on future projects. The video also provides evidence of deliveries, e.g. cement loads being delivered to site and when, or leased machinery arriving and leaving, which can help ensure effective and accurate cost control and billing.

… an architect can collaborate remotely with the onsite project manager…

Although construction projects have been the birthplace and nursery of the ‘project surveillance camera’, there are far wider uses. Anywhere a project is in motion and imagery would be useful for monitoring, collaboration, marketing, evidence or analysis, there’s a use for a camera with 4G connectivity.

With so many applications, it’s no wonder the excitement is building.


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