Stephen Mulligan

Stephen Mulligan

Enterprise Technology Consultant at Three
At Three we believe that Cloud Services, Mobility and Connectivity are the tools that businesses, large and small alike, need to grow and prosper. Stephen is a passionate technologist and communicator, and particularly loves to use technology to help customers realise the benefits of a changing marketplace. Stephen has 21 years of experience in ICT, having worked in a variety of roles in Software Development and Consultancy, Project Management, Sales and Technology Consultancy.

Latest Posts

Sing one song with many voices: how to ensure customers have a consistent brand experience

Business growth is always a good thing, but with it comes the risk of a diluted brand message and inconsistent customer experiences. One way to ensure your business is `singing one song with many voices' is through an enterprise-class communications system - and as Three's Technology Consultant Stephen Mulligan explains, that doesn't have to be complex or costly for any size more

Voice is Still the Killer App

Look, don't get me wrong. I've been a staunch, vocal and unapologetic advocate for Unified Communications (UC) goodies like Instant Messaging, Presence, Video, Social Media, etc. for nearly 10 years now. Just read my other blog posts if you don't believe more