Advice from Irish Business Leaders on Going (More) Digital

Three Business Blog Team
On: 29 Jun 2017
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Keyguard Security and Digicom Video

When two Irish business leaders get together to discuss digital transformation, the insights flow thick and fast.

Wherever you are on your digitalisation journey, this video will speed your progress towards increased productivity, innovation and growth.

What is Digital Transformation?

We recently conducted a nationwide survey, which revealed a large discrepancy across Irish businesses regarding the stage of digitalisation they have reached. There was also a great diversity in peoples’ interpretation of what digitalisation means: from the broad “investing in technology”, to the more specific “developing new products that use cloud services and real-time data”. Along with, of course, plenty of: “I don’t really know.”

To us, it simply means adopting technology to improve business operations.

One of the participants in our video describes digitalisation as “little steps to increase efficiency.” Similarly, almost half of those surveyed defined the process as “investing in tech to improve customer experience.”

Why watch the video?

Only 10% of businesses surveyed were confident that they were near completion on their digitalisation journey, leaving 90%… where? Digitalisation is proven to bring enormous benefits to businesses of every size, in every sector. It minimises risk, increases productivity and innovation, and enhances both customer and employee satisfaction. It’s unlikely there is a single business that has not taken at least one step towards going digital. The issue now is about going more digital.

In the video, Paul Ennis of Keyguard Security and Peter Fox of Digicom talk about their experiences of managing change. They look at what the survey results tell us about the state of digital transformation in Ireland’s SMEs, and they reveal the effects it is having on their own businesses. Naturally, as their discussion is moderated by Padraig Sheerin, Three Ireland’s Head of SME, they also consider the important role effective communications play in making digitalisation a success.

Whether you are one of the 90% still to achieve complete digitalisation, or one of the digitally transformed 10%, it is essential viewing.