Technology that Will Shape Business in Ireland in 2016 – Part 2

Three Business Blog Team
On: 27 Jan 2016
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In this blog, David Hennessy, CTO, Three Ireland outlines the technology priorities he sees as critical for Ireland in the year ahead.

David, what technology do you think is critical to Ireland’s business success in 2016 and beyond?

I think Ireland must focus on the technology infrastructure needed to support the ongoing growth in both the consumption and use of business data. This infrastructure is needed to ensure that Irish businesses can not only support their domestic markets effectively with great service but also compete increasingly on a global scale.

Ireland is already competing well at a European level and predictions have been made that it could soon once more be the fastest growing economy in the EU. It critically needs to work on gaining pace in its network capabilities in order to continue to attract global businesses and technology providers. Ireland must consider the need to become more than just an economically viable business location for Europe – it needs to be the technology leader too.

What should this infrastructure look like and what needs to be done to get there?

Developing a cohesive, high performance infrastructure to support the whole country geographically is critical. To do this Ireland will have to `pull together’ its infrastructure stakeholders, such as local authorities and government bodies, then coordinate their various rules and engagement practices to agree a singular approach that serves the country as a whole.

Tell me more about what you see as the domestic technology priorities?

The focus has to be on delivering connectivity to low-density population areas, typically less well served than urban regions by fixed broadband services. For example, only 35 per cent of Irish premises are believed to have broadband speeds of 10MB per second or higher, and the Irish Rural Network estimates that 10,000 jobs are lost in rural areas every year because of poor broadband services.

A key opportunity here is the use of mobile network based unified communications solutions that can compensate for the lack of fixed network infrastructure. It’s essential that any business and its customers, anywhere in Ireland, can deliver and access the same reach of services.

How else can Ireland’s businesses scale up to meet the opportunities that lie ahead?

Irish businesses should be moving as much of their IT to the cloud as they can, in order to become less reliant on restrictive and not scale-able `owned’ infrastructure that may limit their service offerings and ability to grow and innovate effectively.

Summing up?

Essentially the core challenge and opportunity for Ireland has to be working to create a world class national communications infrastructure, critical for long term economic success in the digital world.

It is going to be an exciting year ahead for Ireland but not without its challenges too. At Three we look forward to working with an increasing number of Irish businesses in 2016, to help them solve their own technology and communication challenges.

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