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3Media brings marketing content to people on their mobiles at just the right moment. All campaigns are driven by accurate, verified data that offers unparalleled return on investment for media spend.

And with cutting-edge analytics and the latest payment technology, we put your brand where it needs to be – in front of your exact target audience at just the right time.

It’s your campaign. Make it count.


3Plus Media Solutions

Using smart insight, geo-location and in-app formats, 3Plus is essential to any media plan.

SMS and Display Marketing

Unique messaging propositions, offering incremental reach and the ability to target real people invisible to ad exchanges.

Data and Analytics

A valuable asset within the digital media landscape: verified, trustworthy telcoms data.

Pay by Mobile

Flexible, fast and secure – mobile payment works for anyone, anywhere.

Case Studies
SMS and Display Marketing

SMS and Display Marketing

Layered campaign with behavioural targeting, concentrating on ABC1 users who had travelled to Europe recently from their roaming history.

3Plus Media Solutions

3Plus Media Solutions

Promoted an exclusive offer on 3Plus and other support platforms as part of a bespoke awareness raising campaign.

SMS and Display Marketing

SMS and Display Marketing

Securing future growth by targeting college students at the right time of year to grow base and increase student accounts.

SMS and Display Marketing

SMS and Display Marketing

This world famous Irish distiller takes its comms to another level with a targeted campaign supporting it’s ginger and lime combo.

3Plus Media Solutions

3Plus Media Solutions

An integrated 3Plus Media Solution, SMS and Display campaign to draw attention to a range of new sugar free flavours.

Pay by Mobile

Pay by Mobile

Enabling customers to purchase their favourite apps and content by paying with mobile phone credit.

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Digital Media Solutions Team
Richard Skelton
Richard Skelton
Digital Media Sales Manager
+353 83 320 0200

Conor Sherry
Conor Sherry
Commercial Product Porfolio Manager
+353 83 118 0999

Cian Maher
Cian Maher
3Media Agency Sales Manager
+353 83 452 1029

Aoife Sheridan
Aoife Sheridan
Loyalty Partner Specialist

+353 83 486 8638

Sinéad Kavanagh
Sinéad Kavanagh
3Media Campaign Data Specialist
+353 83 198 5309

Rachel Rooney
Rachel Rooney
Partner Development Specialist
+353 83 142 6302

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Frequently asked questions

3Media is part of Three Ireland and a leading provider of mobile marketing and data services in the Irish market. 3Media helps businesses target, reach and engage the right customers. Our expertise covers media strategy, digital marketing, data analytics and payments on the latest mobile and digital platforms.

3Extra is the customer-facing programme which customers join to receive 3Media campaign updates. Once signed up, customers consent to their network location and phone usage being used to target third party campaigns via SMS, MMS and email.

3Extra customers can register to receive 3Media campaigns via our retail, care, online and loyalty channels.

When clients use 3Media to advertise to Three customers on their behalf, we ensure that we only advertise to customers from whom valid consent to receive 3Media campaigns has been obtained. 3Media also ensures that customers have the right to revoke their consent easily at any time, as required under GDPR.

When you provide personal data to 3Media, we will:

  • Ensure that persons authorised to process the personal data have committed themselves to confidentiality.
  • Take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of personal data.
  • Engage sub-processors only where necessary for the delivery of services and will do so subject to appropriate safeguards.
  • Provide reasonable assistance to you in fulfilling your obligations to data subjects in respect of their right under GDPR.
  • Provide reasonable assistance to you in carrying out your duties under Chapter IV Section 4 (“Security of Personal Data”) of GDPR.
  • Provide reasonable information necessary to demonstrate our compliance with our GDPR obligations.

3Extra customers are targeted based on network location. Our team works with the client to identify the areas that should be geofenced and we create a topography of live cell towers that geofence each defined area. When a customer uses their phone in a predefined geofence, they receive an SMS notifying them of the nearby third party offer.

Location permission is gathered by publishers (app or mobile site) looking to monetise inventory. Every time a user opens one of these apps, location signals allow capture of users’ real-time location data.

SMS accuracy is 500 metres. Display – when using GPS – is always 5 metres.

When joining 3Extra, customers consent to have their data analysed for campaigns. This data includes demographic information, real-time location and our segmentation data on these customers

Data is gathered on 3Extra customers based on the following insights by audience group:



Real-time location

Caller analysis

3Extra SMS customers can opt out of 3Extra at any time by texting ‘STOP’ to 50407 for free.

No, customers who opt-in to 3Extra consent to their data being used for campaigns. 3Extra customers also give users the option to “opt out” by texting STOP to 50407 which is visible in every SMS the customer receives from 3Extra.

No, Three does not use third party data sources when creating segments.

3Media will uses Three Ireland first party data when creating data segments. From a reporting standpoint we sometimes include data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).