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3Plus Media Solutions

Using smart insight, geo-location and on-app formats, 3Plus is essential to any media plan.

What is it?

3Plus is an award-winning mobile platform offering unique content to more than half a million Three mobile users. 3Plus uses our music, sport and entertainment sponsorships to create compelling content, updated daily.

How can it help?

3Plus gives your brand a unique way to target a large, engaged, mobile-centric audience across every county in Ireland. We have 725,000 users waiting to hear from your brand right now.

Data and Analytics Provision

A valuable asset within the digital media landscape: verified, trustworthy telcoms data.

What is it?

Powered by insight, we start with 1.5 million people who make up our data foundation. Fully GDPR compliant – we take our customers privacy seriously, so all data is fully anonymised and untraceable to individuals.
The data sets we build provide insight and audience segmentation, both broad and accurate. In a digital ecosystem full of inaccurate data we can offer a solution that minimises wastage and maximise return on investment.

How can it help?

As Three extends beyond mobile, we can also track, analyse and develop actionable insights for many other sectors, including retail, transport and logistics. Our unique data sets around people movement can offer exciting and rich insights facilitating innovation and investment decisions. In a shifting landscape, Three’s data is ready to fuel many exciting future campaigns, projects and innovations in Ireland.

Pay by Mobile

Flexible fast and secure, mobile payment works for anyone, anywhere.

What is it?

Our Pay by Mobile solutions lets Three customers purchase your products, digital and physical and charge the cost to their mobile phone bills. These secure and transparent transactions allows for merchants to sell with confidence. Payment is immediately applied to the customers mobile phone account.

How can it help?

By allowing users to pay using their mobile phone credit or charging it to their monthly bill, retailers can target the mobile market immediately. With a low purchase point of up to €30, Pay by Mobile is the ideal solution for selling goods, online or on mobile. This ease of use has seen conversion rates 8 times higher than traditional Visa card payment options. That's something that every retailer should consider.

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