Google Pixel 8a: Powerful and AI-full

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Meet Google Pixel

The only phone engineered by Google

Google Pixel 8a

The Pixel 8a is engineered by Google, it features the powerful Tensor G3 chip, an amazing Pixel Camera with AI capabilities, superior security, and an all-day battery. Get the ultimate Google experience in a sleek, affordable package.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Introducing Pixel 8 Pro, the all-pro phone engineered by Google. It's sleek and sophisticated, with powerful performance, an all-day battery and the best Pixel Camera yet.

Google Pixel 8

Meet Pixel 8. The helpful phone engineered by Google, with an amazing camera, powerful security and an all-day battery. And with Google AI, you can do more, even faster.


Pixel 7

Meet Pixel 7. Powered by Google Tensor G2, it’s fast, secure, and helpful, with advanced photo and video features and amazing battery life.


Pixel 7A

Meet Pixel 7a. It’s engineered by Google, with the Google Tensor G2 chip, the amazing Pixel Camera, and features rated highest in security. All for less than you think.