Bill Pay Offer

Move to Three Bill Pay and get up to €150.
Switch to Three Bill Pay and get up to €150 to spend when you buy any phone.
Money back offer!
Do more with 3Money
Treat yourself to more of the fun stuff when you switch to Three Bill Pay. Pick any smartphone on our 3 Classic Flex Max for €45 a month and get €100 to spend on a 3Money card. Or pick the 3 Unlimited Flex Max for €60 for €150!
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Popular Phones
Samsung S9
Samsung Galaxy A50
iPhone 7
iPhone 8 64GB
**when you switch from another network or switch from Three Prepay. Direct debit, 24 months and contract terms apply. For more information, click here.
Frequently asked questions
3Money is a safe and secure prepaid Mastercard. Once you top your 3Money card up, you can shop online or instore and withdraw from ATMs. Learn more about 3Money
No, the card will be activated once the first top up is loaded. We'll send you a message to let you know when this has taken place.
Three will send you two text messages – one welcoming you to the service, the second with your pin number for your 3Money card.
Click here for a full list of the fees and limits that apply to your 3Money card.
Yes, the 3Money card can be topped up through any Three store or through Payzone outlets nationwide.
When you move to one of our selected plan and phone combinations, from another network or from Three prepay, you will be able to avail of a 3Money card. Other questions you may have regarding this offer should be answered below.
You can visit the 3Money section of our website to learn more about 3Money.
If you are a customer with another Irish network or are an existing Three prepay customer, you can avail of this offer. The offer is available when you switch to either the €45 Classic Flex Max or €60 Unlimited Flex Max plan on Three bill pay while choosing a phone from our selected range of devices.
This offer is available for new bill pay customers choosing either our €45 Classic Flex Max or €60 Unlimited Flex Max plan. You must also choose from a selected range of mobile phones.
The offer is available across all bill pay handsets with Three.
We'll be sending out 3Money cards every Monday so this means you'll receive your card depending on when you order. It's important to note that your new 3Money card will not have a balance on it when you receive it. We'll send you a message once your new 3Money card is topped up and ready to use.
Depending on the price plan you choose your 3Money card will be topped up by either €100 or €150 over the course of six months. When you first receive your new 3Money card, it will not have a balance applied to it. Your first top-up of €50 will be applied 15 days after you placed your order. The second €50 top-up will be applied 3 months after the first top-up. If you picked our €60 Unlimited Flex Max plan, the third top-up of €50 will be applied 3 months after the second top-up. If you chose
Pick your new mobile phone from the list above. Once you proceed, choose either our €45 Classic Flex Max or €60 Unlimited Flex Max plan. Finally, when filling in your personal detail in the checkout, tick the box which indicates you would like to avail of the offer.
Sure you can! Call into your nearest Three Store before 30.06.2019 and our teams will help you get set up.
You can call through to PFS (046) 907 6546 and quote the number on the bottom right of your card. The agents will be able to check your card details and resolve the issue.
Offer is available through any Three retail store or online through
Yes, you must bring your mobile number to the Three network before the top up can be loaded.