3Money Fees, Charges and Limits

3Money Fees

Online Shopping FREE
Chip & Pin - High Street Shopping FREE
Non Euro ATM Withdrawal FREE
Non Euro FX Chip & PIN – High Street Shopping FREE
Transfer to another 3Money card FREE
Creating a wallet and a savings goal FREE
Locking and unlocking cards FREE
Top ups Using your debit card in the site or app, or by bank transfer top up surcharge:
  • €2
Buying a top up code in Payzone, Omnivend and Three stores
  • €20 to €59.99 €2.00
  • €60 to €159.99 €3.00
  • €160 to €350 €4.50
International Bank Transfer Top up your card using international bank transfer
  • €0.01 to €499 €5.00
  • €500 to €1499 €10.00
  • €1500 to €5000 €15.00
Monthly Service Fee €3
ATM Withdrawal €2
Contactless transactions 1% of transaction value
Replace a physical card €5
Redemption fee €5 to transfer money from your card to your bank account
Government Stamp Duty €0.12 for each ATM withdrawal up to a maximum of €5 in a year

3Money Limits

min max
Buying a new card in a 3Store €20 €150
Buying a 3money top up Voucher in a 3Store or Payzone outlet €20 €350
Using a new debit card in the app or on the site €20 €150
Using a saved debit card in the app or on the site €0.01 €350
By bank transfer: €0.01 €500
Maximum number of top ups per day 3
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals per day 3
Maximum value of ATM withdrawals per day €300

Other limits / restrictions

When you buy your card If you upgrade your card by providing evidence of ID and address
Maximum value total top ups per day €350 €500
Maximum value total top ups per year €2,500 €25,000
Total funds transferred to your bank account €1,000 No limit
Top up by bank transfer Not allowed Allowed
International ATM withdrawals Not allowed Allowed
Send and receive funds from other 3 Money customers Not allowed Allowed