Protect your gadgets for less than €1.25 a week.

So, you’ve just got a shiny new gadget? You can’t put it down and you don’t know how you ever lived without it. Unfortunately, theft of smartphones, tablets and other high value devices is on the rise. If the unthinkable happens, it helps to be covered.

What are you covered for?

  • Worry free, full cover for your device
  • Immediate cover when you sign up
  • Repair or replacement for accidental and liquid damage
  • Replacement of lost or stolen devices
  • Worldwide cover
  • Extended manufacturers warranty

Lost or stolen while abroad?

Don’t worry, we can still help you. Just make sure to inform the local authorities within 24 hours and get a Police Report to support your claim. Contact Pier insurance within 48 hours on +44 1702 222887.

Find the right cover for you.

Price (Monthly)N/A€4.99€7.99€10.99€12.99€13.99
Price (Annual)€25€50€85€120€142€153
Worldwide Cover
Accidental Damage
Liquid Damage
Maximum Claims per year: 2
Accessory Cover
Airtime Abuse Bill Pay
Airtime Abuse Prepay
Excess First€15€25€25€35€50€75
Excess Subsequent€15€25€25€50€75€75

How to claim.

Device lost, stolen or damaged?

  1. Contact Three within 24 hours to block both your SIM and phone to prevent misuse.
  2. If lost or stolen, report the theft to the Garda within 24 hours and don’t forget to ask for the crime reference number.
  3. Contact pier insurance through the website or call 1890 930 333 within 48 hours.

Click here for the full terms & conditions.

How do I insure my device?

You can buy Insurance for your device within 30 days of purchase. If you wish to get Insurance after you have bought your phone or modem, just drop into your nearest 3Store, bringing the device and proof of purchase with you.

If you have received an upgrade and wish to update the device registered on your policy you will need to contact Pier Insurance on 1890 930 333 (Mon – Fri 9-5.30pm).

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