Pay by Mobile

Buy all the things you love from the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Windows Store and charge it to your mobile.

Buying apps, games, music, films, magazines and ebooks has never
been easier as you can charge them straight to your mobile.

You can even pay your Parking costs or place ads on

How it works:

Simply text PARK ZONE MINUTES CAR REG M to 53311 (e.g. PARK DA 60 10D0000 M). The letter 'M' indicates that you are charging the payment to your phone bill/credit.

For all day parking(where available), replace MINUTES with 1D.

You will receive an SMS confirmation message outlining the details of the transaction. Please ensure that you ALWAYS receive a confirmation when paying for parking. If you do not receive this, your parking may not be valid.

Top Purchases on Google Play:

Candy Crush Saga

Google Music

Pokemon Go

Clash of clans

Tinder Plus

Follow these simple steps when making your purchase.

Pick the content you want to buy

Enter your details

Select a way to pay

Select 3 billing

Purchase your content

Enjoy your content!

Browse the Windows Store

Pick the product you want to buy

Enter your password

Add new payment method

Select 3 account

Purchase your content