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Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about the 3Money card.



How to contact 3Money Care

A. Email care@3moneycare.com or LoCall 1890 812 102 from 9am to 6pm Money to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
B. To report lost/stolen cards from 9am to 6pm Money to Friday, excluding bank holidays, call 1800 812 102. From abroad, call +353 61 203357.
C. Outside these hours, you can log in to the site or app. To report a lost or stolen card, simply click the lost /stolen option and follow the instructions. Your card will be cancelled immediately and our Care team will contact you afterwards to arrange a replacement card.
D. Make sure you email the Care team at care@3moneycare.com from the email address you registered with us, or the Care team won’t be able to respond to your query.
E. Over Christmas and New Year, you can contact 3Money Care from 9am to 4pm on Friday 23 December and from 9am to 6pm on 28, 29 and 30 December and and from 03 January onwards.

Buying a card

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Topping up my card

Topping up my card
How can I top up my card?
Buying and using 3Money Top Up Vouchers

Using a 3Money Top up Voucher

Once you get a Voucher, just text the word TOPUP followed by the 10-digit 3Money Top Up Code to 50308 from your 3Money registered mobile. Or you can sign in to the 3Money site or app and apply the top up there.

Some things to be careful of:

You can only top up 3 times a day and there’s a limit to amount you can top up in a day: €350 when you buy your card or €500 if you’ve upgraded your card. If you try to top up over the daily limit, you won’t be allowed and you’ll have to try the next day. There are also annual top up limits - click here for more.

One other thing: the codes on top up Vouchers expire after a year and can’t be replaced if you lose them. So you should try to apply the top ups as soon as you can after you buy them.

Topping up my 3Money Card in 3Stores
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Using my card

If you have a Virtual card, you can use it to shop and pay online. If you have a Physical card, you can use it to pay on the high street, including contactlessly and withdraw money from ATMs. As your card is prepaid, any transaction for amounts greater than the balance on it will be declined automatically.

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How do I cancel my 3Money card?
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Upgrading my card

Upgrading your card increases your daily and annual top up limits and allows you to do more with your card. It’s free and you can upgrade your card on the site or in the app.

Why upgrade my card?
How to upgrade my card

About 3Money Wallets

3Money Wallets are an easy way to set aside money for special events. Create up to five 3Money Wallets to store your money, giving you the option to set aside money for special occasions while putting away a little for Christmas or your next holiday abroad. You can even set a target amount and date for each wallet and track your progress.

How to use Wallets

Fees and Limits

Click here for a full list of the Fees and Limits that apply to your 3Money card.

Lost / Stolen cards

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
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