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Flex Max Plans Add Ons.

International Add Ons
Calls & Texts UK.
300 Flexi Units to make calls and send texts to the UK.
€2.99 per month
Call Europe.
Only 26.43c per minute to call landlines and mobiles in Europe. ‡
€3.04 per month
Call North America.
Only 20.33c per minute to call landlines and mobiles in the USA and Canada. ^
€3.04 per month
Call Down Under.
Only 38.62c per minute to call landlines and mobiles in Australasia. ¤
€3.04 per month
Talk Add Ons
Landlines Unlimited.
Unlimited calls to all ROI landlines.*
€6.99 per month
Free-time Calls.
150 evening and weekend minutes to other ROI mobiles or landlines. þ
€6.99 per month
Voicemail Unlimited.
Unlimited access to your voicemail in the ROI. ±
€1.99 per month
Text Add Ons
Text Anytime.
Unlimited texts to any ROI network.**
€6.99 per month
Internet Add Ons
Mobile Internet 500MB.
500MB of Data
€6.99 per month
Mobile Surfing 1GB.
1GB of data.
€10.15 per month
Mobile Broadband 10GB.
10GB of data.
€20.32 per month
  • * FUP 3,000 minutes per month applies.
  • ** Subject to Fair Usage Policy of 3,000 texts per month. If purchased before 4th June 2013, 150 texts apply.
  • ‡ Call Europe - Calls to following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden.
  • Þ Down Time calls - 150 minutes can be used at the specified times (6pm - 8am Mon to Thu + 6pm Fri to 8am Mon). Please note that if you have selected the Down Time Calls add-on and you make a call to another Three number at the specified times, any such calls will be deducted from your Down Time Calls allowance, provided you have minutes remaining in your Down Time allowance. Where you have used your Down Time allowance and you make a call to another Three number, such calls will be taken from your Three to Three calls allowance.
  • ± Voicemail Unlimited - Only applicable in ROI.
  • ˆ Call North America - Calls to following countries: USA, Canada.
  • ¤ Call Down Under - Calls to following countries: Australia, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand.

Prepay Add Ons.

Internet Add Ons Price
Internet on your mobile.
500MB of Data
€4.99 per month

Unlimited Texts.


Our top pick.

Text Anytime add on.

Perfect for avid texters. Unlimited texts to any ROI network.

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