Prepay Broadband.

Now up-to ten times faster with 4G.

  • No landline required.
  • 96% 3G Population Coverage.
  • No contract, just top-up when you need it.
  • Broadband access starts from just €5 a day.

Prepay Broadband Add-ons.

Add-On Renewal 28 days 28 days 28 days 1 week 1 day
Price €35 €25 €15 €10 €5
Data Bundle - Republic of Ireland 20GB 7.5GB 1GB 2GB 500MB
4G Access
  • View our out of bundle rates. ¹ 4G is only available to customers using the Netgear AC762S modem, Huawei B593s router and Huawei E5573 Modem, and is subject to coverage availability.

Which Broadband device is right for me?

  Stick Wi-Fi Router
What do you want to connect? 1 PC or Mac 1-5 Wi-Fi devices e.g. Tablet, Laptop, Smartphone Wi-Fi and Ethernet devices
Where will you use it? Anywhere At home or out and about At home or office

Topping up is easy.

There are lots of quick and simple ways to top up. You can choose any way that suits you best.

Ways To Top Up

Check Our Coverage.

Although we try to make these coverage results as accurate as possible, the information is indicative and doesn’t guarantee service availability in a particular location.


Network in progress.

We've been busy making our network even better, with exciting new innovations that will further increase speeds and reliability. We’re always working to make our network work for you, because we know our network connects you to the things that you care about. Every word of every call, every text, every tweet and post, every smiley face and xoxo. It’s all important to you, so it’s all important to us.

How important? Well, €250 million important. Along with new sites, new bandwidths, extended 3G coverage and our best ever indoor coverage, our network is improving every day.

Click on the Voice and Text, 3G or 4G buttons to see the relevant coverage within Ireland. To find specific coverage in your area, click on the search button and enter your address.

We're always here to help.

Contact us about any issues you may be experiencing.

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4G access is subject to device compatibility, coverage and required software download.

Free calls are subject to priceplan. Fair usage applies.

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