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Sean Doherty Three
Sean Doherty
On: 9 May 2017

Insights from Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times

The world is currently in a “zone of fragility” according to a leading economics commentator. What will this mean for Europe, for Ireland and for business? An audience of CEOs found out when Three Ireland invited the Financial Times’ Martin Wolf to share his insights. When the Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times talks, […]

Social Media, Unsung Hero of Business to Consumer (B2C) Communications
Orla van der Zaan
On: 20 Oct 2016

Social Media, Unsung Hero of Business to Consumer (B2C) Communications

Consumers increasingly expect fast, personal interaction with the businesses they buy from, and social media is a preferred route. We look at the risks and rewards of social media as a communications channel for small-medium business. Technology changes consumer expectations. Those who were perfectly content to call you a decade ago or to wait 24 […]

Three Business Marketing Team
On: 18 Aug 2016

Reviewing the reviewers – ignore them at your peril!

Your customers play a huge part in shaping your brand’s reputation and online presence. So much so, that one negative review online can result in an untold amount of lost business. However, an engaging and effective response can turn even the worst reviews on their head.

Stephen Mulligan
On: 11 Aug 2016

Sing one song with many voices: how to ensure customers have a consistent brand experience

Business growth is always a good thing, but with it comes the risk of a diluted brand message and inconsistent customer experiences. One way to ensure your business is ‘singing one song with many voices’ is through an enterprise-class communications system - and as Three’s Technology Consultant Stephen Mulligan explains, that doesn’t have to be complex or costly for any size business.

Owen Kirwan
On: 4 Aug 2016

Unified Communications and Collaboration: Your customers come first. Let them know it.

Great customer service doesn’t become less important simply because you’re not meeting your customers face-to-face. But it can become more difficult. In the first blog of our series 'Good Relationships Start With Good Communications', Owen Kirwan of Three Ireland reveals how you can improve customer relations by ensuring customers can always speak to the right person at the right time.


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