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healthcare technology
Catriona Murphy
On: 14 Sep 2017

The Technology Prescription for Future-Proof Healthcare

While technology continues to transform our everyday lives, medical advances are transforming patient care. The two must be fully integrated for future-proof healthcare. In recent years, mobile connectivity has enabled all sorts of applications of technology in the treatment and care of patients, however data management and information sharing are areas that may need more […]

Karl McDermott Three
Karl McDermott
On: 6 Jul 2017

What to Do When Your Network Perimeter has Evaporated and GDPR is Coming

A network security perimeter is no longer a guarantee of data security. There is simply too much data being accessed, worked on and shared outside the protective confines of the network. However the data security of your business is still possible to achieve, as long as you are aware of your three key vulnerabilities and […]

Karl McDermott ICT Three
Karl McDermott
On: 26 Jan 2017

The Future is Very Much in the Cloud

The cloud. It’s one of the most important tools available to modern businesses and, with next generation data centres, companies have more managed services opportunities than ever. At Three, we see businesses of every size availing of existing cloud services such as CRM, Unified Communications, and email and document sharing. Many medium enterprises are also […]

Cloud Data Security
Nicola Mortimer
On: 13 Oct 2016

The Cloud – Data Security Risk or Refuge?

Is the cloud a security risk or a security refuge for your business data? And do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Here’s how you can make the most of what it has to offer your business, without offering cyber-criminals an open door to your data. I think there are two mindsets in Irish business now […]

Three blog: data loss and how to avoid it
John O'Sullivan
On: 15 Sep 2016

Gone in 60 seconds – data loss and how to avoid it

Data used to reside in the office, within the company server and on desktop PCs. But now it’s found on mobiles, tablets and laptops, anywhere from a briefcase to a car boot, out on the road or in the home office. So whose responsibility is it to keep it backed-up to protect against data loss? […]


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